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Kench Is a Cinch

by Deniz22

Okay, I entered this contest thinking I had a stockpile of words to choose from, either from deep under the swamp of no return, or those about to join them in submersion.

Alas and alack! Wait a minute, how about using one of those? After all, how many times have I even thought 'alack' in the past ten years?

But, alas, the word seemed to lack the punch I sought for my special rescue mission. Once, in a similar contest sponsored by another genius, I used the word 'punctilious'.

Now, there's a word with 'snap, crackle and pop'! But alas and alack, I had already rescued and restored it to its former brilliance so well, it is back in common usage. I swear I just read it somewhere this very morning!

So, in the interest of honesty, I besought the greats of Google University for help in finding a word worth of rescue and came up with a doozey! To tell the truth, my attention was caught for a moment, like a sleeve on a bramble bush, by the possibilities of the word 'doozey', but I tore away, and continued on my path to greener pastures. Hold the kenching, you'll be glad I did if you continue to read to the end.

Here's my word choice to give a voice, and save for all to rejoice:


Verb intr. -- "To laugh loudly" -- 'This Middle English word sounds like it would do well in describing one of those times when you inadvertently laugh out loud while reading a text message in class and manage to thoroughly embarrass yourself.'

First impressions: nice 'crunchy' sound and has the word 'ken' imbedded. 'ken" means to know, and given the true meaning of the whole word, strokes our ego.

We 'kench' because we get it...the joke, witticism or quip. We are not of those who laugh out loud (LOL) at anything, and then privately seek an explanation. (Usually doesn't work anyway, I still don't get it).

Now, help me save this wonderful word 'kench' by kenching away at this piece, and then passing it on to your friends. You might want to preface your recommendation with a provocative intro like, "Hey, had a good kench lately? Don't miss this one, I kenched until I thought I couldn't kench anymore."

Not only are you providing them with the pleasure of a good kench, you are helping, by its repetition in your invitation, to get it back in use!

From the swamp of oblivion, to the shores of optimal use!

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Writing Prompt
Some beautiful English words are sinking into the Swamp of No Return, AKA oblivion. Bring one out, wash it off and use it in a contemporary way in a poem or essay. Humor is encouraged, but please keep it clean.

Some say it's not right to kench at your own jokes, but at least one person enjoys them. :)
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