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And Then The Elevator Door Opened contest entry

Unimaginable Horror

by DragonSkulls

And then, the elevator door opened Contest Winner 

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

...and then the elevator doors opened. I shrieked in horror at the madness.
How did I get here? How could I escape? How was any of this even possible?
There were hordes of people, masses upon masses, and each one had the
same wicked brutally murder me.

No matter where I ran, more were waiting. Panic painted lines of fear across
my face. I nearly wept as the crowd grew so densely thick I could no longer see
the elevator, let alone get to it, in hopes of a futile attempt to flee.

Every door on the eighteenth floor was locked, every door...except for one. I
was being forced into the opening like a lone calf being led to slaughter. I
begged for mercy, for the slightest sign of compassion. Knowing there would be
none, I also pleaded for a swift and painless death, rather than what unrelentless
horrors certainly awaited.

I was led to nearly the center of the room. At the podium, a large, stout woman
spoke in a voice like thunder. My mind was far too boggled to actually comprehend
what she was saying. A few moments passed and the masses cheered and applauded
at whatever her twisted words had said. Shortly after, a well dressed man, in a black,
tailored suit came to the podium. He too began to speak some sort of foreign gibberish.
It sounded like English but again, I couldn't grasp the meaning of what his jumbled
words truly intended.

That's when I snapped. I wasn't going to be slowly tortured to death. I simply was not. No
matter what they were saying, it was clearly a means to my demise. I brutally shoved my
way to the western wall, punching, kicking and thrashing all the way.

The man at the podium shouted something while pointing at me. Everyone in the room
turned and looked. I had to escape. I grabbed the nearest chair and blasted the closest
woman to me, over her fat head. I used the broken leg and bashed the man next to her
right square in the face. He bellowed as he fell. I cracked a few more heads and broke
a couple bones as I dodged and weaved around to the corner of the room.

That's when I realized, merely fighting wasn't going to be enough. I simply had to resort to
murder...or be killed myself.

As this six foot eight giant came to grab me that's when I screamed a warrior's cry. It echoed
off all the walls and clear down the corridor. I kicked him with such brute force in the groin, it
lifted him seven inches off the ground. When he landed and knelt over from the pain, I yanked
him toward me. I stepped to the side and used his momentum and flung him straight through
the plate glass window. He plummeted the eighteen stories to his horrific end.

I didn't stop there. I started grabbing everyone within reach, beating them senseless and brutally
flinging them out the windows. A couple times I actually got two people at once by drop kicking
one into the other. I was vicious and unstoppable. I had to be if I were to survive.

After about thirty people, or so, were splattered all over the sidewalk below is when the police
finally showed up. I grabbed this hefty woman from behind, around the throat, and used her as
a shield from the cops. For some odd reason "I" was the one in the wrong. Go figure.

One of the cops said for me to let the woman go. I thought of how, just moments ago, I was
the victim of all these heartless bastards' biddings. So I said, "Okay." and threw her out the
window too.

While handcuffed and beaten, in the back of the police car, officer Jenkins asked me just
what had happened. Why I had to go to such extremes? Why was I even here?

I though about it for a minute and shook my head, "I really don't know, sir. I really don't. A
long, long time ago I swore to myself...I swore, that never again would I ever even attempt to
attend another poetry convention. It nearly killed me the last time."


Writing Prompt
We hardly know what we may see when an elevator door opens . I chose Horror and thriller for those of you who are that genre' fans. I'm actually not. Good luck.

And then, the elevator door opened
Contest Winner
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