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This work has reached the exceptional level
The team is pulling it together.

A chapter in the book The Amazing Heist

Pieces Fall in Place

by aryr

The group under Abby's guidance are planning what will hopefully be the greatest heist.
Sally punched in Henry's number and waited for him to pick up. When he said 'hello' she quickly told him she planned to put him on speaker phone so Billy could be included in the call. Salutations were exchanged among the three of them.

"So, Henry, old man, what do you have for us? Abby sounded so excited. Excite me!" Billy asked as he laughed.

"Well guys, it appears that the programs are not as secure as maybe the businesses are led to believe. I have gotten in and linked into one of the routes. It provides information for the entire trip, the times involved, the amounts of each pick up and the unload destination. Abby thought that this information would be of help to you both. And for the record, do not call me old man again."

Sally snickered as she watched Billy blush. Billy was really a good person but he sometimes forgot his manners. In fact, any time he had to deal with someone more than two years older he managed to mess things up.

"Sorry, Henry. Can we get access to this information? If we can check out which route will be the most beneficial, we can tell Abby and the planning will start." Billy sounded humbled.

"Not a problem. I will send an email with the necessary link and the password."

With the call completed, the young couple were once more hunched over their laptops. The quest had definitely become a lot easier. Within two hours they had the other two routes investigated. Information was compiled and printed. They were in business.

Meanwhile, Henry in the process of making sure he not only had access to the vehicle computers but would be able to slip into a control mode and maintain such. He knew that this would be an important aspect for the job. There had to be a way.

Three hours later Henry planted a bug. He was in. God bless determination.

Everything, well almost everything was falling into place, things were all coming together. Paul had to still think as hard as he could; but nothing sparked. With a few more details he felt confident that his normally active brain would kick in. Where would they get a power source? How much juice would they need? What would happen to the guys in the truck? Would anyone die? Would they really succeed? Would they retire? All of these questions, but where were the answers?

Freddie's had a rather productive search for his assignment. After four failed follow ups, he had finally located a sturdy van. Not a cargo van but one designed for multiple people with an enormous storage area. Since not all the team would be present at the scene, it was more than adequate for those involved. It had a souped up V8 engine which provided giddy up and go. It would blend in very well because there were several others in the area. Remembering his uncle's phrase from his youth --'it was meant to rumble.'

A fake driver license made him the proud owner. This had been his assignment so many times that it had become easy to determine what was needed and then just a matter of searching to find what would be perfect. Once again, success flattered him.

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