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Marketing Strategy

by Deniz22

Dialogue Only Prompt Contest Winner 

Hello! Please don't hang up, I have a deal for you!

Why would I hang up? I don't even know you and if you have a deal for me?

Sir, you are a welcome change! I know you seniors get a lot of annoying calls...telemarketing ...scams really, and so you tend to get, cautious! So, I get a lot of hang-ups.

Well, I have a few hang-ups myself, but I don't let it bother me if it don't bother others.

Ha ha, love a guy with a sense of humor! You encourage me to just come right out and say I am selling aluminum siding!

Okay, that's honest and everyone should try it once in their life.

Ha ha, you're killing me! I think you and me are going to be friends! And I like to take care of my friends, so let me tell you about the deal of a lifetime on aluminum siding!

Please go ahead. I know you can't see me, but I'm all ears for a good deal.

"All ears", there you go again! Man, you are a riot! Well, friend, here's the deal: the recent slump in the economy has made it absolutely necessary for us here at Honest Al's Aluminum to cut our prices on labor and material by 25%!

Wow! I knew things were bad, and I'm sorry for you, but that is a cut indeed!

Yes, it is, and what's bad news for us is good news for you if you act now!

Does this siding come in different colors?

We got all the colors of the rainbow, and our siding never fades.

You got skilled workers and full insurance coverage?

Sir, I can see you have, in addition to a great sense of humor, a keen eye for business details. Yes sir, I'm proud to say we at Honest Al's Aluminum, have all the legal bases covered as well as the finest installers anywhere in the world!

Sounds like you got it going on...any local references?

Man, you are good! I like your style...humor, intelligent questions and I can't wait to meet you! want to meet me?

Why, sure, I'm going to have to come over to give you an estimate on siding your house. Can you give me your address and best time to come over?

Why do you want to give me an estimate?

Well, because most people want an idea as to what the cost will be for the job. But since we are friends, if you want to waive that step and get right to it, we can do the job on a cost plus basis.

I don't think aluminum siding will work for me.

What? Why not?

I live in an aluminum double wide trailer and it seems ok...hello? Hello?

Can you believe that, Honey? He hung up on me! He must be one of those grumpy seniors.

Bill, I'm so proud of you! You didn't blow a gasket this time when a telemarketer called you in the middle of dinner! In fact, you're grinning!

Yes, baby, I guess you could say I've developed a new marketing strategy...and it's working!


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Write a story using only dialogue. No narration, descriptions, or sentence tags. Maximum word count: 1,000

Dialogue Only Prompt
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