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A 911 Call

Momma's Hwrt

by Thesis

"911, Dispatcher Valdez, please state the nature of you emergency."

"My momma need hep."

"What's your name?"


"Okay Jennifer, where's your mommy?"

"On da flor."

"How old are you Jennifer?"

"I two."

"What happened to mommy?"

"Daddy come home and they fighted."

"Is daddy still in the house?"


"Where did he go?"

"I dunno."

"Is mommy bleeding?"

"Uh, ha."

"Where is she bleeding?"

"Her wip an her nos."

"Did daddy hit mommy?"

"Uh ha. She was cying before she falled down."

"And daddy just left?"

"Un ha."

"You're doing a good job, Jennifer. You did the right thing calling."

"Mommy taught me to call ni one one."

"Can you do me a favor and walk over by mommy? I want you to put your finger under her nose and let me know if you can feel her breathing. Can you do that for me, Jennifer?"

"Uh ha."

"Can you feel anything?"

"She bweathin on my finga."

"That's great, Jennifer. Can you tell me what your daddy hit her with?"

"A botl."

"What kind of bottle?"

"The one them was fihtin about."

"Was it a big bottle?"

"Uh ha. It was gween."

"Where is the bottle now?"

"Bitsy pices on da flor behin momma."

"Okay, Jennifer. Stay away from those pieces, okay?"

"Ok, Ldy. Momma is shakin. Her getin sck."

"Is she throwing up?"

"Uh ha. Momma I her momma."

"Is she lying on her back, Jennifer?"

"Uh ha."

"Okay, you are going to have to do something very brave to help your mother, Jennifer. You need to do it right away. Stand on her side away from the bottle pieces and pull you mothers arm to turn her body so her mouth is close to the floor. Put the phone down for a minute and do that now, okay Jennifer. Let me know when you get it done, okay?"


"Come on momma I hep you."

"Ldy, I did it. I turned momma."

"What a good girl, Jennifer. You really saved your Mommy. Is she still getting sick?"

"A wittle bit."

"I have the police and an ambulance coming to help you and mommy, okay?"


"They should be there very soon. They are going to be very happy with how you helped your mother. Is the door open so they can get in?"

"Uh ha. Dady weft it opn."

"Okay, good. Is there a picture of your daddy in the house that you can give the policeman when he gets there?"

"One on the frigerdator."

"Okay, great. Make sure to give it to the policeman when he gets there. You're doing such a good job for your Mommy, Jennifer. She is going to be very proud of you when she wakes up."

"I scared. Momma never sleeps now."

"I know, honey. She'll be good as new soon. The ambulance people will take good care of her."

"Ok, ldy."

"Jennifer does your grandma or grandpa live nearby?"

"No, they by Micky."

"By Mickey Mouse? In Florida?"

"Uh ha."
"Is there anyone else close, like mommy's sister or brother that can come over by you?"

"Ant Bwenda. Momma's sistr."

"Okay, good. Tell the policeman okay, he can call her to stay with you. Do you know where mommy keeps her phone number?"

"Numr 2 on spree dial."

"Perfect. Jennifer, you've been really helpful. The policeman is pulling into your driveway right now. Stay on the phone with me until he comes in and hand him the phone right away, okay. I'm going to let your mommy know how brave you were today, okay?"

"Ok. Hi mista powiceman. Here ldy want talk you."

"Valdez, it's Striker, we got it from here. Good job keeping her on the phone. The husband was sitting on the front steps. He's in custody. EMT is working on the mom right now."

"Great. Thanks."

"Hi Jennifer, I hear you saved your mommy. What a smart little girl to call 911."

"Momma taut me dat."

"Your mommy's a lucky lady to have a daughter like you."

"Is she gona be ok?"

"You see those two lady's helping your mom? They are going to take really good care of her. Can I call anyone to come stay with you until your mom gets back home?"

"Ant Bwenda."

"How do I contact Aunt Brenda?"

"She numa too on fone."

"Your one smart little girl."


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