General Fiction posted January 7, 2017

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Sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

Not As It Appears

by Thesis

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

"Richie, who is this girl sending a selfie to you?" Nicole asked.

"What are you talking about, Nicole?" he replied.

"This little tramp," Nicole replied, showing him the picture on his phone.

"How should I know? I can't see her face," he said angrily.

"Don't get angry with me, Richie. This isn't the first time a student contacted you. At least this time she has clothes on!" Nicole replied.

"Nicole, I didn't ask to become the School Resource Office. I was assigned by the Chief. Some of these kids are great, but a lot of them have some serious issues. A lot of teenage girls love cops. They fantasize about us because we don't take shit from anybody and they get off on that," Richie explained.

"If I ever find out you're screwing around, especially with some High School girl Richie, I will shoot you in the balls," Nicole warned.

"Nicole, what's wrong with you? I would never be unfaithful to you. You're my life. I don't want to be with anyone else, ever. Wait, does this discussion have anything to do with you turning forty tomorrow?" Richie asked.

Crying, Nicole said, "I'm getting old, Richie."

"I love you, Nicole!"

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There is a lot going on here. You can insert the blanks after reading. The sex warning was due to the photo. I don't want anyone to be offended.
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