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A tale of what happens when you cross the blue line

Don't mess with Family

by Thesis

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

I had no choice but to interrupt my boss. He was not in a great mood today. Something bad went down last night and all morning he had uniforms in and out of his office. The brass was all over my department and I was glad to be out working a case, until I got a call from my former partner, Officer O'Malley.

"Jimmy, I got something you need to take care of right now. I'm down at the Water Club and your boss's wife is sitting outside against the building. She's out of it, Jimmy. I can't tell if it's booze or drugs, but I want to get her out of here. I'm going to have to call a bus to have her checked out." O'Malley said.

"Wait, Mike, let me run this by the Lieutenant. I'm sure he doesn't want his wife on the news. Cover her up and don't let anybody take any pictures. I'm sending one of my people down there now. She's precious cargo O'Malley."

"Roger that Sarge. Get back to me ASAP; I don't want to be responsible if she needs medical treatment."

"I got your back, O'Malley. Just keep her safe."

"10-4," O'Malley replied.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, not waiting for a response that I knew would be "I'm busy."

The Lieutenant looked me in the eyes, knowing something must be up for me to barge in while he was talking to the patrol shift commander from last night.

"This better be good Sergeant Clancy, I know you can see I'm in a meeting," he bellowed.
"Excuse me Commander Sanchez, but I need to speak with the Lieutenant in private for a moment sir. I apologize, but it's urgent," I said with conviction.

"Not a problem, Sergeant. I could use a cup of coffee anyway. Find me in your break room when you're finished," the commander said.

As the commander left, I knew I had a nanosecond before the Lieutenant would hand me my head on a silver platter.

"Lt, before you say anything, this has to do with your wife," I blurted out.

"My wife? Is she okay?"

"Sir, O'Malley just found her outside of the Water Club sitting against the building. She is not conscious, and he thinks maybe she was drugged." Clancy added.

"Get O'Malley on the phone," ordered the Lieutenant.

I hit speed dial and handed my cell phone to the Lieutenant.

"O'Malley, this is Lt. Sullivan. Is my wife okay?"

"Sir, she's breathing, but she's not responding. I checked her eyes. I think she was drugged. It looks like she was left out here. There are no signs of foul play or a struggle. Her clothes, heels and jewelry are all still in place. Club Security told me she wasn't there a half hour ago when they did rounds and the club closed at 5:30 am from a private party. Do you want me to take her to Lenox Hill, Lieutenant?" O'Malley asked.

"No, that's the last thing I need right now. I will have a team there in five minutes to take her. O'Malley, after she's on her way, I want you to secure that Club and get into the Security office and secure those tapes of the exterior. I want to know who did this, and I want to know now. Please tell the Club Manager that he can either cooperate with you or that you have a very angry Lieutenant that will shut him down for months at his peak time," Sullivan threatened.

"Will do, LT." O'Malley responded.

"And O'Malley, thank you for calling Sgt. Clancy. I owe you one," Sullivan promised.

Handing the phone back to Clancy, Sullivan took a deep breath. "Clancy, I'm up to my neck in this botched Drug Bust. Will you find out what happened and see that Sofia---"

Before he could finish, Clancy said, "I got this boss. I'll get her discreet medical care and start to figure this mess out. Don't worry it's family. I'll do what I have to do and let you know what's going on as soon as I have something."

Leaving the Lieutenant's office, I called my brother at Mt. Sinai. "Will, I need a favor. I have a thirty six year old Spanish woman who may have been drugged. I need your help. I can't answer any of your questions. It's my Lieutenant's wife and something is going on. For obvious reasons, I can't bring her to the hospital. Can you break away for an hour or so? Don't say anything but yes or no."

"Jimmy, I'm the on call surgeon for another four hours. I can't leave," Will explained.

"It's going to be embarrassing if I have to send in a couple of detectives to arrest you to get you out of there, Will. Seriously, I need you to take a look at this woman. If something happens to her it's going to hit the wall. You know I've never asked you for a favor, but I need one now, brother."

"Fine, I think Dr. Jannis will be out of surgery soon. How long do I have?"

"I'm on my way with lights and siren. Five minutes," I replied.

When I got there, Will was waiting at the front entrance in green scrubs and carrying a medical bag.

"Thanks Will," I said, meaning it.

"So, what's going on?" he asked.

"We don't know yet. Patrol found her outside of the Water Club. She was sitting against the building. Security said she wasn't there a half hour earlier, so I'm thinking something happened, someone got spooked, and just decided to drop her somewhere," I said.

The safe house she was taken to was only fifteen blocks from the hospital, just in case she really had to be worked on quickly.

The Detective outside recognized me and said: "She's in Apartment 2, left side," as he opened the door for us.

Knocking on the door, I announced: "Sargent Clancy, open the door." We were greeted by the distinct sound of someone vomiting in the bathroom. Will ran in to check her vital signs as Detective Melinda Sanchez held the Lieutenants wife's head and hair.

"Her pulse is very weak. How long ago did you find her?" Dr. Will asked.

"About an hour," Clancy replied.

Checking her arms for any sign of track marks, her nose for any signs of cocaine residue, Will noticed an injection mark on the back of her neck that could not have been self-inflicted. "I found it. She's been injected from behind. It's a standard date rape technique these scum bags use on women they have no chance of ever being with," he offered.

I called O'Malley. "O'Malley, how are you making out with the surveillance tapes?"

"The Club Manager is very cooperative, Sarge. He handed me the tapes right away, as soon as I told him it was a cop's wife found outside of his building, and that I was shutting him down. In fact, one of the Security guys remembers a guy with her in the club trying to be more than friends. I'm trying to get an image from the tape and I'll send you the picture in a few," O'Malley said before he disconnected.

"Jimmy, based on what I see, it looks like she was given Heroin or another opiate. I have to get her back soon, or she's not going to make it. I brought a dose of Narcan with me. I need to inject her, now," Will stated.

"Let's do it then," I replied.

Within seconds, Sophia was wide awake, breathing heavily and started to cry. "Oh my God, Clancy, where's my husband? What happened to me? Are my kids alright?" as she started sobbing uncontrollably.

Will held her hands. "Sophia, you're going to be okay. Someone drugged you last night. Who were you with? The police found you outside of the Water Club all alone."

"I was with my boss, Anthony. It was a client dinner and then he asked us all to stay at the club after dinner for drinks. It was about 11 pm and I said I had to go home. I remember someone hugging me from behind and I lost my balance and that's all I remember. What time is it? And where am I?" she asked excitedly.

"Relax Sophia, you're safe. It's 11:45 am on Saturday. You've been unconscious for a while," Clancy offered.

Sophia started crying. "Oh my God no, was I raped?"

Clancy said, "It doesn't appear that you were Sophia. When the officer found you he said there was no reason to believe you were assaulted. Relax. We'll get you checked out by your own doctor in just a little while. Now, what else can you tell me about last night? Who was with you there?"

"It was my boss Anthony, Susan who I work with and our receptionist Margaret. Then there were four clients from South America. That was our whole group," she replied.

My phone rang, it was O'Malley. "Sarge, it was a guy about six feet tall, black hair, wearing a grey suit with a blue shirt, about 40 years old, slim build. I have him on tape hugging her from behind in the hallway and sticking a needle in her neck. Sending you a photo, now."

When the picture came, I immediately showed it to Sophia. "Sophia, do you know this guy?" I asked handing her the phone.

"Yes, that's my boss. Why, did he have something to do with this?" she asked.

"We'll have to see," I said, walking into another room.

I called Lt. Sullivan. "Lou, Sophia is okay. I got my brother to come from Mt. Sinai to help her. She was injected with an opiate. Will used Narcan to get her back. I'm going to have her taken to her doctor's office and let him make the call as to what he wants to do from there. But Lou, her boss, Anthony is the scum bag that injected her from behind. She said she had to go home to your kids, but this mutt had other plans for her."

"Clancy, I'll text you his address. I don't want any interference. Keep everybody away. He and I need to talk," Sullivan ordered.

"Lou, I must be having phone problems. I couldn't catch a lot of that, but here's my thought. Text me the address and O'Malley and I will be there when you go inside to have your chat. It's always better to have witnesses in instances like these."

The three of us arrived at Anthony's building at the same time. We took the elevator to the eleventh floor. O'Malley positioned himself at the stairwell, I was on the left side of the door and Lt. Sullivan rang the doorbell. Anthony opened the door and was immediately struck in the stomach by Sullivan. With the wind knocked out of him, Anthony recognized Sullivan as Sophia's husband.

"I'm sorry. Your wife couldn't keep her hands off me. I told her she had to stop, but she was high on something," he said.

Sullivan kicked him in the groin while he was on the floor. "You scumbag. My wife would never touch a piece of shit like you. She wanted to go home to our kids, but you wouldn't let her. You went too far this time, Anthony. You picked on the wrong woman and the wrong cop to fuck with, and now you're going to have to tell God you're sorry."

"What are you talking about?" he said doubled over.

Sullivan walked over to the balcony and opened the sliding glass doors. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a plastic bag with a white substance, opened it, and poured some into Anthony's nose and down his throat. He dumped the rest onto the coffee table and placed the bag back into his pocket.

Anthony was coughing and his nose bled from the cocaine.
"You should thank me scumbag. It won't hurt as much when you hit the pavement," he said.

"What the fuck, you're a cop. You're not going to do anything to me. I'll have your badge," Anthony threatened.

Sullivan gave Anthony another kick to the groin. "You're right, Anthony. I am not going to hurt you." Not saying another work, Sullivan picked Anthony up off the floor and dragged him to the balcony.

Without another sound, the Lieutenant and I picked up this piece of human waste and tossed him off the balcony. A few seconds later we heard the thud.

O'Malley met us at the elevator. As the door closed, he said:"You both go back to work. I'm parked two blocks from here. I'm probably going to get a call about a jumper in a few minutes. I'll take care of it, Lou. I got this," O'Malley said.

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Write a story with topic: This time her boss had gone too far.

While this story no way is meant to denigrate the work Police do, it was written to show the human side of how a husband might react to his wife being assaulted. I do not condone the plot, but offer it as a possible outcome to a very bad situation.
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