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Flash Fiction

A Strange Story

by Bridge

I find it hard to sit still . How could something like this happen to me ? My heart starts
to beat loudly and I can feel the rising sense of panic . I force myself to take deep
breaths . I look at my watch . Just an hour left . It would take about half an hour to
reach the airport from here , so I can still make it . But where is Officer Marsh ? I get up
and start to pace the floor . I shouldn't have agreed to spend the morning with John .
But I'd found it difficult to refuse him . I had planned to reach airport by afternoon for my evening flight . I wanted to spend some time browsing the airport bookshops . I love bookshops .

I look at my watch . Not much time left now . I stare down the hallway . Still no sign of Officer Marsh . John was always getting into trouble . But where was John ? Did he setup the whole thing ? Nah, why would he do that to me ? He has always been good to me , ever since I saved him from getting caught cheating . Then where was he ?

John had wanted us to spend the morning together . I couldn't refuse him . I was leaving for good and would probably never meet him again . I was very happy and excited to be going home . Finally I was returning to my beloved country , my village , my home and my parents . I'd been so happy when I had got the scholarship to study at the University of Pittsburgh . When I'd left home four years ago I didn't think I'd miss everything so much . Things in India are so very different..

John had come to pick me quite early in the morning . He and Greg came around in a bright new black BMW . I had never seen the car before . As soon as I was settled in John said, " Come on, lets go to Frankie's for brekkie ."
" What time will you be reaching Mumbai ? " asked Greg .
" Well after midnight ," I replied .
" How will you go home ? Will your parents be coming to the airport ? "
" No , they won't be able to make it . Mumbai is a city that never sleeps , so I should be fine ."
" When will reach your village ? "
" Tomorrow afternoon . "
" Here we are... , " said John .

Frankie was one of our old haunts . As we entered we could smell the familiar aroma of coffee . His cappuccino was by far the best I'd ever had . John and Greg ordered waffles with ice-cream while I ordered my favourite 'Egg Benedict .'

While we waited we talked of the fun times we'd had together over the last four years .
After breakfast , as we piled into the car John said , " Let's take this beauty for a drive ."
" Is this your Dad's new car ? " I asked .
" No , Dad wouldn't let me borrow his car , " replied John .
" Then how did you get this baby ? "
" Let's just say I borrowed it from my neighbour ," replied John as both he and Greg burst out laughing .
" Old Smith lent you this baby ? "
" Noooo, not exactly, " replied John as he exchanged looks with Greg again .
" But you just said you... wait a minute...Oh ! God no ! Please don't tell me you took it without asking ? "
" Well , we are just borrowing it for the morning... Greg do you have your mobile with you ? My battery just died ," said John
Greg felt in his pockets and said , " Sorry mate , I left it at your know when we..."
" Oh ! That's no good . I wasn't concentrating where we were going and ..." said John .
" Don't tell me we're lost . I need to get back now . I have a plane to catch , "
I said .

" We are lost , but we'll figure out a way to get back . Don't panic ! " replied John .
" First you steal this car and now we are lost . I don't want to be a part of this anymore . I would have never come if I'd known you'd stolen this car . Just let me out somewhere and I'll make my way back , " I said.

" But you don't even have a phone with you and I'm really not sure how far from the city we are at .... Oh ! Look ! There's a convenience store....let's ask there , " said John .

I jumped out of the car as soon as John stopped and rushed inside . As I entered I was surprised to see there was no one around . The blinds were drawn . I thought it was very strange . I tripped over a rifle lying on the ground . I picked it up and put it on the checkout counter . I rang the bell on the counter but no one appeared . As I walked down the first aisle I saw a man lying in a pool of blood .

" Oh ! My God ! Help ! ," I shouted as I rushed outside to get John but they weren't there and neither was the car . I stood there dumbfounded . Just then a police car pulled up with its siren blaring , with two officers inside .
" Oh ! Thank goodness ! You are here . A man... , " I said .
" We know. We got a call , " said one of the officers as the other officer went inside to check on the man .
" It's too late. He's gone , " he said as he came back outside .
They then turned to me and asked me how I happened to be present there ." You have to come with us to the police station , " said Officer Marsh .
" But I have a flight to catch , " I replied
" When is your flight ? "
" In the evening ."
" You should be fine . You have to come with for now . It is just routine investigation ."

And here I am , waiting for Officer Marsh , so that I can leave for the airport . Finally ! Here he comes but he looks quite grim . My heart is thudding loudly and my ears are buzzing..

" I am sorry . Your fingerprints were found on the rifle that killed Douglas , the owner of the store . We can't let you go just yet , " he says.
" But my flight.. "
" I am sorry , you will have to miss this flight , "
No , this cannot be . I can't help it and just burst out in loud sobs....

Lost writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
You have plans to travel to someplace. However you get lost on your way. Write a flash fiction based on this prompt.
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