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A wild time for the insect world.

Party time.

by aryr

Sylvia very much enjoyed primping and preening. It was a delight to make herself attractive. She knew she was desirable but being attractive was a definite plus. Having several appendages was an advantage she enjoyed. It was just a shame that she was stuck with the terrible name of being 'the black widow'.

Spiders were very helpful in most cases. The silvery webs they wove were stronger than they appeared. They could capture and hold a delectable meal. They could rid an area of those terrible mosquitoes.

She knew that her coloring was an alluring factor, when she sought a mate. It was a terrible shame that after he performed she was obligated to kill him. Such a life. But she was going to the Creepy Crawly Ball and she would not be distracted.

Meanwhile, Fred was equally excited. Flies were considered an annoyance in the world of mankind. They were really scavengers who enjoyed the benefits of rotting foods. It wasn't their fault that their furry little legs had a tendency to carry germs and disease. And why didn't people understand that with all that buzzing around they were just looking for places to land and populate.

Fred was glad that he could lay claim to excellent vision. Those poor humans only had one set of eyes, whereas he had several. His focus was magnificent. He sure hoped that he would find a mate at this Creepy Crawly Ball. Someone he could reproduce with. After all, the world needed more flies.

Simon was so tired of being teased about 'Simon says this and Simon says that'. All of the other insects teased him relentlessly. Oh and yes insects can communicate with each other. We are not like humans who have language barriers. It is more like we each have an accent but fully understand.

Anyway Simon's problem was with the 'Simon says' but more so the teasing that 'Simon couldn't.' It was a tough life being a snail. Although there is always great beauty in the colors of his shell; it was horrible being so very slow.

Simon knew that he would have to leave in a few minutes even though it was early in the morning if he wanted to make it to Creepy Crawly Ball this evening. He was almost ready and prepared for his slow paced journey. He was ready to enjoy himself.

Penny was actually a cute little thing, one could almost say 'cute as a bug'. But then again she was of course of the bug family. She didn't mind being chubby and little. She was a powerful worker. It took supreme strength to fly around collecting what she had been assigned to. She never questioned her queen. She was so glad to have the time off for the Creepy Crawly Ball.

Every now and then she did wish that she could be a little different from the rest of the bees; but she was a girl after all. Every girl wanted to be a special in some way. Her blessing was that she was a bumble bee rather than her relatives the wasps and hornets.

The ball started at dusk. Insects told time by events of the day. They used sunrise, sunset, dusk, dawn, high noon as parameters. Some functioned better during the daytime hours while others performed well at night.

There was a lively band of crickets who provided the music. There was food that could be enjoyed by all attending.

There were whispered warnings about Sylvia and her friends. Everyone wanted to have a good time and not be part of their menu. She looked fantastic and frightening.

Simon became a hit with his slow dancing. Penny was the honey of the ball. Everyone enjoyed her agility and speed. Fred found his true love and enjoyed finding a leaf to rest upon with her, although they didn't really rest.

All in all, it was a great success. Everyone attended. Spiders of all types, snails, a variety of bees, crickets, slugs, silverfish, butterflies, ladybugs, centipedes and even praying mantis who really didn't pray a lot.

It was the ball of all times. It was a time to remember.

Now it did take Simon two whole days to get home.

The Creepy Crawly Ball contest entry

Thank you to Schatzling for the artwork-Insect Outlines.
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