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Letter to God

Oh God

by Jackarrie

Dear God

I won't apologise for not being in touch with you for many years, you may not  even have noticed.   I know you do have millions who do keep in touch with you and trust you implicitly, even though you have not been around for over 2,000 years.
 It would be nice to get a sign even a little sign to say you are aware of what is happening to the human race and  to our beautiful blue planet. So many have the belief that you are the answer to all their problems they feel  you are merciful and you can heal anyone you choose to.

I often wonder how do you choose to save the ones you do save because so many children are dying of cancer and other horrible diseases .  Now this horrible mosquito situation we are witnessing at the moment  is affecting the innocent new born babies.  What did these babies do to deserve this.

Call me a doubting Thomas I don't mind I have been called this before.  You see I have nothing against the people who truly believe in you and your goodness, but I would like them to respect my beliefs and those who do not believe. We have innate awareness of right from wrong without 
your guidance, and we can be spiritual and good too.

I did think it was harsh or even cruel to send your only son to be tortured and killed. I know it is believed that he came back to life after three days and flew up to heaven to join you, I bet he was truly pampered after his ordeal. Well, at least he is aware of what real suffering is like, He can empathise with the little children of the cruel world who are being tortured, bombed and killed.  innocent men get their heads were cut off because they did not have belief.  Certain religions lead to violence, these taboos are offensive and barbaric.

I would love to believe that you are there God looking out for us, but I have not seen any evidence of it at all. I will finish by saying if you are listening to the prayers of the suffering try to do your best to heal.

Sincerely Mary


Dear God, writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a letter to God expressing your most pressing concerns and/or questions believing with all your heart and soul, that He will receive, read and answer you. Your letter does not necessarily have to be be a request. Just a sincere heart to heart will do.

Prose only.

This is how I feel, please do not berate me for it. thanks M Mishra for your wonderful artwork,
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by M. MISHRA at

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