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A story of some bad practises.

A chapter in the book Geoffrey's Musings.

Left Or Right Handed By Choice!

by Sankey

Having been  left-handed all my life, some things have continually amazed me about some of the awful practices of people. Some clandestine, draconian actions various have carried out, thankfully unbeknownst to me until much later in life..

I am grateful for having been spared many of these underhand tactics employed to attempt to convert left-handed to writing right-handed.
Some of these practices have caused intolerable injury to even the highest in society. I refer especially to the Late King George VI, our reigning Queen's (Queen Elizabeth II) late father.

I have really appreciated the insight gained into King George VIth's life in regards to this subject from the recently released movie, "King's Speech", starring Colin Firth, and Australian actor, Geoffrey Rush. As many know, the movie deals more with King George's dreadful stammer. However, in consultation with Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush, it would appear the late King's stammer was also, in some way, related to not only abuse by his carer, but also the forced conversion to writing right-handed  from the left.

A late Uncle of mine in the 1930's, also left-handed was bullied in the classroom by his teacher.  His fingers were rapped over to the point of bleeding by a ruler with a steel rim in it.  The teacher was attempting to get him writing right-handed.  I am really pleased to report that when the actions of the teacher were discovered, she was fined and sacked. I have never found out if my late Uncle did indeed eventually write  right or left-handed.

More recently, a friend of ours, it would appear, now writes right-handed, because of' 're-training' in the Marist Brothers College in Sydney, to do so.  Interestingly, our friend still writes in a back-handed kind of way, as though he was still writing left handed as some left-handed folks do.

Another friend of mine came up with the suggestion that we left-handed folks use the opposite side of our brain.  He also expressed the idea that left- handed folk tend to be involved in music.  In my case, that has proved correct.

He came up with the suggestion that when I was advertising for more students, I should place the ad in such a way:

"Use the other side of your brain!  Come and have some music lessons!"

Guess what! - I got NO RESPONSE! Hee hee!

I know that some left-handed can actually be ambidextrous, in that they can actually write with either right or left hand. I have tried it,  but, sadly, all I can achieve is writing my name backwards, in longhand, with my left hand while writing it, normally with my right hand. A totally useless piece of information, I know.


Just making a start regarding our choices, and results of others forcing us to do the opposite.

I appreciated viewing, again, recently "King's Speech" starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.
Thanks to Chuck Waxman for "Release"
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