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Audio By the author - To rise again!

''Falling Leaves'' (Audio)

by RGstar

Poem of the Month Contest Winner 
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Falling Leaves

She retreats once more to the doe and fawn
Where whispering willows, weep at dawn
On a gentle brook swirl pools of hope
She'll sip a cup, bind strings to rope

As falling leaves reveal the bough
The bark, thus bare, must stand--somehow

In fated forests of frosted dreams
Belies the heart of whom so deems
Soften notes from ivory keys
A lone piano midst the trees

And falling leaves are no less sure
Of paths to take or what's in store

Beside, he sleeps, with troubled mind
His brow still wet from thoughts, unkind
Trampling hooves on a feathered bed
So congregate and cloud his head

To task she wakes as times before
A whispered 'hush' his thoughts implore
Soft strands of hair from tousled mane
Reminds of love, of life again

If true, the oyster...secrets keep
A pearly dress, inside though weep
In silence cries, should right be wrong
A priceless pride though sad the song

Let falling leaves then tears impart
For buds anew will find each heart

And wounds do heal should love belong
Thus binds with life and joyous song
Her jasmine breath the air he breathes
His life for hers he'd sing through trees

For falling leaves shall paint the hue
Gold-brown with green; each fragrance new

And on this gentle, newborn, morn
A future bright, two hearts adorn
In arms to walk once more as one
The path now clear where once began

Thus falling leaves shall not delay
That kiss, that smile, this brand new day


Poem of the Month
Contest Winner


Thank you to my good friend 'Reconciled' Michael' who again unexpectedly added more (promoted) member dollars on this work. I know not what to say, for the small gestues are worth more than gold. Thank you.

Because of requests I have made this an audio release. I felt the emotions of this would be suited with a beautiful composition from my composer in crime, the brilliant, Kerri can find her work on youtube.

The audio has now been added on the request of those for whom it was written, (Jade and James) ...and who am I to not comply with pleasure. So, with love and tenderness I record thus.

This is , arguably the best audio I have recorded with thought of the narrative, ambiance and emotion of the piece and what it means. With your ears, heart and feedback, I continue to learn and improve.
Thank you.

Jade and James share this moment with us all, and I know it is with love and gratitude, and it's through them I speak.
I know you, as I, wish them all luck for the future:

To my fellow family of writers of whom many hold dear. I wish you all a lasting New Year, and remember keep looking forward, for that is all we have, though the past is always there to remind us.

Best wishes, Fanstorians.

Please feel free to listen with our without audio enhancement... or one of each, even better.

Thank you, sincerely for your support,you have all taught me much. It's all a learning process, and long may it be so , for all of us.


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Musical composition - Kerri Powles
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