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A chapter in the book The Little Dog That Wouldn't Let Go

A Wonderful Change in Me!

by Sankey

Due to a change in my classification from Clerical Assistant to Clerical Administrative, I had to transfer to Branch Office of Veteran's Affairs in the city.

Chapter 10d (Word)
I came to Concord Hospital in November 1984. My initial position involved transporting patient's files to and from Out Patient Clinics around the hospital. It was during these deliveries to clinics I met  Nurse S.G., the Clinic Nurse assisting the doctors in Ward 10, the Endocrinology Clinic. The lady had seen me plodding along with my trolley of files, noticing how miserable and depressed I looked. Because of her, or by a fluke of nature or more like God's arrangement I met the man that was to change my life, completely. He was a professor and an authority on Endocrinology* in Australia. 

Looking back to 1960, there had been Medical examinations of a lot of us boys in my school. It was found through this examination, I suffered a problem in my reproductive area. My mum was made aware of this and found a Dr JB G. who was a General Practitioner or MD in Chatswood, one of our Northern Suburbs. He was treating me for a lack of male hormone or Hypogonadism.

His treatment did not work so I was referred to Sydney Hospital where I met Dr K. I recently learned this man was not as we thought back in those days, an expert on Endocrinology, but merely a Physician.

It kind of adds weight to the term "practising" as doctors. Endocrinology did not become the science it is today until many years later. I underwent surgery in 1963, then later in 1967 to correct the problem. I was assured (prior to the removal operation) at that time, aged 16, I would still be fertile enough, to be a part of the reproduction process. Sadly, we learned, much later - it could not be so. It was a real thrill, a few years ago, to be presented with a copy of my first admission file to Sydney Hospital for the surgery in 1963 referred to above. (Thanks to Prof C.)

For years I had suffered a mysterious, sad travel through my life. Especially around puberty and afterwards, unexplainable sudden emotional outbursts and tears for no apparent reason. I had no idea what I needed, to help me with my problems. There were "do-gooders" who tried to counsel me and had me at one time blaming my parents for everything. Some of these were in church circles, too. Thankfully, I never got into drugs or over-use of alcohol, as an addition to my problem or a "solution" to same...

Professor C. put me on to some outstanding treatment. He commenced with a monthly injection of "Sustanon." This would be administered by my local doctor. After even only a couple of these injections I began to notice a difference in myself, my feelings my outlook and so on. I even began, at last, to be interested in females!  The treatment would later change to hormone pellets being inserted in my lower abdomen, every 6 months. This was replaced in later years with a single injection. Initially, the injection was every 12 weeks. After a trial, it was decided to increase the frequency of the injection to 1 every 10 weeks. As I have grown older, there was a concern of heart attacks due to the frequency of the injection, henceforth it is now prescribed for intervals of 11 weeks. As I write there have been no problems with the current regime.

The earlier treatment and history all occurred behind the scenes of my regular work schedule.  As Carson Robison, I think it was, said on the old "Trains" record, years ago:
"Well, folks! That's all, back to the asylum!"  



*Endocrinology deals with our Gland System. All the glands in our bodies are controlled by the Pituitary Gland. I had a low-acting Pituitary. This, amongst other things, affected my reproductive system. The photo is Changing eyes from Schatzling thanks.
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