General Fiction posted May 26, 2013

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6 year old becomes a mediator of love

Bedtime Talk

by Deniz22

"Where did you and Mommy go today on your special day, Sweetie?

"Mamma took me to the Heritage Plantation."

"That's a GREAT place to celebrate your 6th birthday!"


"What did you do there, Honey?"

"Went on the merry-go-round!"

"Oh, did you ride a pony?"

"No! A horsy!"

"Silly me, I should have known."


"What else did you do?"


"Did you get some ice cream?"




"What kind?"


"I should have known. You've still got some on your tee-shirt there."


"Well, you'd better get ready for bed. Lets get you washed up and brush your pearly whites."

"Daddy, what are 'pearly whites'"?

"That's another name for your teeth, Honey, even when your two front ones are gone."

"Oh. Did Mommy leave my toothbrush?"

"She sure did, and we must remember to have you take it with you in the morning when she comes for you."


"Yes? Here you go, start brushing ..."

"Okay, but first; do you still love Mommy?"

"Of course, I do...stand closer to the face-bowl so you don't drip toothpaste on your chocolate."

" Whm dom u ta met usm amymo?"

"Wait till you're done. I can't understand you when you've got a toothbrush in your pearly whites Okay, stop giggling and tell me what you said."

"If you still love her, why don't you live with us anymore?"

"That's a tough one, Sweetie. But you know I'll always love you forever and ever, right?"

"Yup. But what about Mommy?"

"Comere, let me wash that beautiful face and those chocolate hands. There. Oh, you're so beautiful! Daddy loves you; give me a big hug and a kiss."


"Daddy, what about Mommy? If you love her, why don't you come and live with us?"

"Honey, it's complicated. Daddy did a bad thing. He broke Mommy's heart."


"Because sometimes, Daddies do dumb things that hurt people."

"Is that why Mommy cries a lot?"

"Aw, does she? I'm so sorry. Mommy is a wonderful person. You're lucky to be her little girl."

"Yup. Daddy?"

"What, Baby?"

"Do broken hearts ever heal?"

" I don't know. I hope so. Now get your jammies out of your bag and get into them. I'll be back in a minute."


"Hello, Darline."

Oh. Hi, Tom. Is everything okay? Is Jen alright? What's..."

"Everything's fine. She's getting her jammies on. We just got her teeth brushed and she'll be in bed in a minute."

"So why are you calling?"

"She's been asking questions."

"Oh. That."

"You too, huh?"


"Like do you still love Mommy? If you do, why aren't you living with us?"

"I know, I know. I get those kind all the time."

"She asked one a minute ago that kind of floored me."

"And that was?"

"Do broken hearts ever heal?"


"I told her, 'I hope so'--- what do you think?"

"I guess I hope so too, but as a nurse, I know we always have to worry about scar tissue, even after healing."

"I know what I did to you ranks right up there with all time unforgivables but I think my heart has been broken too. Maybe not like yours, but it's still hurts."

"Oh really. How's that?"

"I can't get it out of my head how I hurt you and how perhaps some other guy is going to come into your life and you're going to love him like you loved me at first and Jen is going to be calling him "Daddy" and forget all about me."

"Tom, I will never love anyone the way I loved you. And Jen will never forget you. She loves you and talks about you all the time. Tom, I'm willing to try again. Please pack up Jen and come home now, tonight."

"You won't have to say that twice! We'll be there in a half-hour! Bye."

"Jen, honey, pack up, we're going home, now, tonight! Mommy's waiting for us And it all started when you asked me if I still loved Mommy."

"Yup. Mommy wanted to know."

"Oh she did, eh? I guess God can heal broken hearts after all even if He has to use a birthday girl with two front teeth missing!"

"Daddy, I love you...and Mommy."

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