Young Adult Poetry posted December 7, 2012

This work has reached the exceptional level
A rhyming short story for children

A Little Viking's Tale

by Eric Corsten

There once was a Viking named Eric,
Who lived life in a ship on the sea.
He fished all day and sang at night.
Life gave gifts that were seemingly free.

 One night the Viking was singing.
Then lightning and clouds took form.
Eric cried out for his parrot 
As they spun spun spun through the storm.

hey crashed on the shore near a city,
 All the mainlanders gathered around.
They cheered and welcomed the Viking
To come up the beach on to the ground.

Eric did not know what he should think.
He saw some things he had not seen before.
He saw cars that zoom, buildings that loom
And a sign that he could not ignore.

Eric slowly walked up to the sign.
And he noticed the sign was so red.
And then the sign started to speak.
"You stop right there!" are the words that he said.

Eric asked the sign, "Why should I stop here?
When on the ocean I don't stop at all.
I sail the blue seas, I do as I please.
 And for a stop sign you sure have some gall."

The sign said, "Go and do as you please.
Never say I didn't give good advice.
 The world out there might give you a scare.
 If I were you, I would
Surely think twice."

Eric walked away with his head down low,
And then Petey began to speak.
He said, "Don't give up just like that.
We're shipwrecked, there's no time to be weak."

Eric flexed his muscle and showed his might.
Then he yelled out at the top of his lungs,
"I won't stop here, there's a ship to repair,
And all of my songs have now come un-sungs."

 Petey and Eric came up to the sign,
Then the two of them started to dread.
They knew that they had been there before,
And what the stop sign had actually said.

 "Go on and do as you please.
Never say I didn't give good advice.
The world out there might give you a scare.
 If I were you I would
Surely think twice.

Eric sighed, then stopped, he turned around.
He said to Petey, "There must be a way -
To fix our ship without going to town.
I just can not face that stop sign today."
Petey said, "We have to go totown 
And get the tools that will fix up our ship.
 There's no choice but to go through the sign.
How else do you plan to equip."

Eric flexed his muscle and showed his might.
Then he yelled at the top of his voice,
"I won't stop here, there's a ship to repair,
And it's so clear that I have no choice."

So they stormed up to the stop sign,
And before the stop sign could even talk.
Eric shouted his words so very loud,
"If you say stop, then I am going to walk!"

The sign said, "stop!" so they walked on through.
It was easier than they thought it'd be.
They picked up tools to fix up their ship,
Then sailed back out to the sea.

The End



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Eric C
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