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Compilation Fanstory Reviews

by Deniz22

1. You're poem was real good. I did not get it.

2. You spilled som words rong.

3. I don't agree with your POV (that's not a prisoner of war) so your writing can’t be good. It stinks.

4. FanStory says to be nice in reviews but Mom said, "If you can't say something good, say nothing at all." Nothing at all.

5. You suck at pucnuation!!!! And spilling/ No what: I mean???

6. Your plot was unclear, your conclusions illogical, your ending pathetic, and all of it sans drama of any kind. Your work's redeeming value was only found in the 1.20 payment and the Treasure Chest Award! Please keep posting!

7. I have reread your work as you requested and have decided to ask you for my two stars back.

8. This book of yours is good. It reminds me of my life story. It all began when I was born in a .......

9. Your poetry, filled with spiritual symbolism and swirling kaleidoscopes of intense emotions, colliding and reverberating with each other, is totally incomprehensible. In awe of your ability to take a routine trip to the mall and completely mystify intelligent people as to your true meaning, I am giving you six stars. 
10. Your article is clear and forthright. Every point is crystal clear. In fact, there is little mystery, no drama or humor involved.  Curiosity compels me to ask you, "Why did you bother to write it?”  I think you will find that the majority of the population of America completely understands  that USA stands for United States of America. Please notice the minus sign next to the obligatory star I am doling out to you.  
11. This is terrific! A six star contest winner if I ever saw one! I hate you and deplore the fact that you entered my contest … again! I am writing a letter of protest to FanStory and expect an answer any year now, so watch it!
12. I love your work! I read it all the time as I am supposed to be in complete bed rest for the next three weeks due to a back operation. I especially enjoy your writing after taking my meds. I read the first word over and over again as I fly higher and higher … your rhyming abilities are awesome; bee and thee, tough and rough … I could go on, but right now, I just want to float for a  while ….


This is all in fun, really! I have come to appreciate FanStory more and more and the great people on here. Keep on writing and pray I do not review you ... :)
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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