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a scene with DED and Ned

DED and Ned

by Bill Schott

The scene opens in an silent softball field.  Bleachers are empty except two figures. One, centered at the top bench of the seating structure, dressed in a black hooded cloak. It is DED, the Agent of Death.  Below is another figure, Ned Nuckledd, sitting with a blanket draped over him. 
DED begins a descent to Ned, stopping to the young man's forward left and facing a half turn inward. 
DED:  Hello, Ned.
Ned:  (looking up with a somber expression) Hey, DED. 
DED:  How very nice of you to meet me here.
Ned:   I dint really know I was ameetin' ya, DED. I jis had ta come here.
DED:  Of course.
Ned:  This place seems right famil'ar. 
DED:  We met here long ago, Ned. Although we knew each other, our meetings were temporal and were designed to dissipate from your memory.
Ned:  Ain't altagetter sure what ya jis said, but this place seems famil'ar.
DED:  When we met here then, I was suppose to take you with me.
Ned(Ned slowly stands, dropping his blanket) Huh?
DED:  It was supposed to be your death, Ned.
Ned(Sitting down and pulling blanket over his shoulders) Yeah?
DED:  I decided against it though, and left with an old Nazi war criminal.
Ned:  He weres an old nasty feller, huh?
DED:  Naz -- uh -- Yes, he was quite a nasty fellow.
Ned:  So, is my time runned out now?
DED:  I am torn, Ned.
Ned:  Hey, I gots a sewin' kit in this shopliftin' pocket in my jacket.
DED:  You have a shoplifting pocket, Ned?
Ned: Well, I got handed some clothes fum my Auntie after my cousin Red got kilt. This here jacket was one a em. He useta snatch stuff in the stores all the time and hide'm in that pocket. Anywho, here's a sewin' kit fer apairin' what ya tore.
DED:  Thank you, Ned. I am sending you back now. 
To be continued...

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