Spiritual Poetry posted February 11, 2023

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A modified poem about jealousy

Our Jealousy

by Philip Clarke

Jealousy only for the best
Jealousy's role in our lives, seems mainly to cause us and others pain. And all she does, for whatever reason, is rarely to anyone's gain.
Our fierce Jealousy may suddenly  show up concerning anything we desire, and with her dear cousin Envy, she has set many a malicious fire.
She often destroys that which she claims to love, and wanders in the street.  Those who walk with her as a friend, are often headed for defeat.
When we acquire a taste for her ways, her violence can grow  in our heart.  When subjected to  her incessant prodding  we should stop before we start.
If you've suffered infidelity,  then Jealousy makes no sense,
What use is there to get angry with a dog when it digs out under the fence?
What is there to be jealous of when you see there was nothing really there?
And why would you so desperately desire that which is not rare?
In that case Jealousy is a kind of rage that comes from being humiliated and betrayed,
that really should be a celebration that you found out -- what a waste if that one had stayed.
Being filled with  jealousy feels natural, but that doesn't mean you should,
as embracing her often ends up quite badly, and never does any real good.
Why should you be embarassed by another's despicable  character  flaws?
It is not you  but the unfaithful party who has broken the natural laws.
That deceitful one is the fool who will eventually reap the harvest of all that secret plowing and sowing,
And may go on for a lifetime and never reap one crop of really  knowing.
There were two brothers long ago who both looked up to their Father.  The love of one was pure and true, but the other didn't  bother, 
to follow in his Father's way, and do the things He'd said,  and when he saw that his brother did – he made his brother dead.
His brother had not done a thing to harm him, nor hinder him on his way.  It was just that his brother had pleased the Father  because he did obey.
What evil foolishness is this, that the wicked heart despised his brother for being loved and being the best.
His unrepentant  heart of jealousy would not allow him to accept reality, and he could get no rest.
As the Father told him,  if he had done right he too would have been approved,
But with his stony heart of violence he was cursed, and remained unmoved.
God has a right to be jealous that our greatest love be reserved for Him alone, 
He is always faithful and true, Who bought us back from death as for our sin He did atone.
Our sin is always unfaithfulness, and we have all betrayed,
even when we've  clearly understood how our  execution has been stayed.

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Write a poem based on this word: Jealousy.

This poem was not really complete when first posted, as I was alerted to by some of the comments. So this is my second attempt.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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