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Miranda goes home in the morning.

A chapter in the book The Miranda Chronicles

Trailer With a Title (Miranda)


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So far, Miranda Jessup Buckley has been jilted, fired and left to take care of her ex-lover's child.   After dodging whoever was texting from Dougie's phone, she and Waylon take refuge at her momma's house overnight.  She takes Waylon to school and has to see Elaine, her former mother-in-law, again.
Waylon hops in the shower while Momma makes breakfast.  She has cut up fruit, waffles and bacon waiting when I come down the hall.
"You ever gonna take that shrine that was once my bedroom, and use it for something else "
She pours me a cup of coffee and slides it towards me.  "What's the rush?"
"You told me you were gonna make it a sewing room.  What happened to that plan?"
She laughs one of those shameless laughs that let you know she thinks  you're an idiot.  "Please.  You and I both know I can't sew.  Nor do I have any intention of learning."
"Ok, so why tell me that?"
"It's a way of letting the world know you aren't just a mother.  When you're no longer needed as a parent, you fool others by acting like you can't wait for free time.  Mainly, you say it to fool yourself."
"I guess that makes sense."  I take my coffee to the table and sit.  I never thought about my momma having an identity crisis.  Very rarely does she let her guard down.  This was uncharacteristic for her.
"Anything else bothering you?"
She sits across from me, idly stirring her coffee.  "I'm worried about you, Miranda.  You've got a lot going on in your life right now.  And, well, if I'm being brutally honest, none of it seems very good."
Her words settle on me like a wool blanket in July.  "I've got a lot of good stuff in my life."
She looks over, waiting for me to continue.
"I got my job back.  Got a raise.  I've got Waylon."
She looks towards the door. "Why exactly do you still have Dougie's child?  I know you, Miranda.  You are gonna get your heart ripped out when Dougie finally comes to collect him."
"I know he's not my kid, but I'm actually pretty good at this.  And, I like it.  I like having him there."
"Of course you're good at it.  Look who raised you."  She winks.
I try to steer the conversation away from Waylon.  "Guess what."
"It's six forty-five, do I really have to play a guessing game?"
"I've met someone."
She groans.  Hand to God, she let out a groan so mournful, you'd think I told her I have cancer.
"You just got rid of the last one."
"It's the sherrif."
A pleasant smile turns the corners of her mouth.  "Really?  He isn't married, is he?"
Waylon comes into the kitchen.  His eyes light up when he sees the spread of food.  "I could get used to this," he says.
I reach over and muss his wet hair. "I wouldn't if I were you.  It's back to pop tarts when we go home."
He shovels the waffles in his mouth.  
Momma grins.  "You want me to fix you a lunch?"
"Yes, ma'am."
It takes some coaxing but I finally get him to back away from the table and we are on our way to school.
I pull into the visitors space and swallow that tinge of bile as I prepare for what I know I have to do.
"You coming in?" Waylon asks, with his hand on the door handle.
"Yes.  You go on so you don't get counted as tardy.  I'll be along in a second."
"You afraid of the dragon lady?"
"No.  And don't call your principal a dragon lady."  I proudly keep several other, more fitting names, to myself.
The doors are open since it's early and I make a beeline for the office.  Of course, who's the first person I see?  Deputy Fife.
"Well, well, well.  Good morning, officer."
He squints, then looks like he just took a bite of a lemon when he recognizes me.
"Is Elaine here?" I ask.
"Principal Buckley? Is that who you're referring to?"
"Elaine, my former monster-in-law.  Principal Buckley.  Tomato, tomoto."
He points to a chair. "I'll see if she has time for you."
"Thank you, darling.  And thank you for your service." I say loudly.
Five minutes go by.  The first bell rings then three minutes later a second bell rings.  The lobby thins and the din of teenager noise goes quiet.
"Miranda.  To what do I owe this pleasure?"
"I need to speak to you," I look past her to Deputy Fife.  "Privately."
She leads me into her office.  It's tastefully decorated.  Educational decor with just enough personal items to fool the general public that Elaine Buckley is a warm hearted human being and not the spawn of Satan.  But I know better.
"Waylon might be in danger."
She raises one penciled eyebrow. "How so?"
"Someone is after me."
She says nothing.  "Why would he be in danger?"
"They might try to get to me through him."  My mind goes back to Missy that last time I saw her.  Her threats to take away the people I care about.
"We lock the doors at eight fifteen and don't unlock them until three o'clock.  No one can get in here.  He's safe here.  What happens after he gets off the bus, is out of our hands."
"Under no circumstances let him leave with anyone."
"What about his father?"
"Absolutely not."
"Miranda, I can't keep his father from getting him.  Unless you have court documents, I could get in a lot of trouble."
"Believe me, trouble with the law would be child's play if someone gets to him. You know me, Elaine.  I don't make empty promises."
"Fine.  But, remember, he's only my responsibility until he gets off the bus."
I nod and step out of her office, pulling the door closed behind me.
Deputy Fife, looks me over with unconcealed contempt.
"Bye-bye, Barney."
I pull into the Garden of Eden Mobile Home Park and get close to my trailer.  There are a lot of folks out and about this morning.  
Mrs. Fine is off her porch and pacing back and forth while talking on her phone.  She stares at me when I pass by.
When I pull up, I see why everyone is out.  They are looking at my trailer.
"Oh, no.  No, no, no."  I say.  
My pristine white trailer has one word spray painted across it.
I can't stop the tears that roll down my cheeks.  There's no need to stop them.  Nothing will ever be the same.  My little slice of heaven is gone.
To be continued ...

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