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Get Out Of The way

Look Out

by country ranch writer

"Can you not see that darn bull is dangerous! He is going to end up killing someone one day! Mark my words that bull is a killer.!"
Bull riding has been one of the most popular sports around.
For both bull riders and spectators.Bull riding is a lot more than just a sport.

People actually live for bull riding and enjoy everything there is about bull riding from the top riders to the bulls that dump their riders within mere seconds. Bull riding injuries are usually common but death of a bull rider is rare.

Growing up wanting to be a professional .
seems to be every bull riders dream. My brother because of his advanced skill when he turned the age of eighteen turned pro. He quickly rose up through the ranks as one of the sports top prospects. Hell they called him a cowboy's cowboy!

He never forgot where he came from when he
made it to the big time.
His wife said, even after his career took off he'd always come back to perform locally in the rodeo and teach young riders the tricks of the rodeo trade.
In reality rodeos are are nothing more than manipulative displays of human domination over animals disguised as entertainment.they are a cowboys livelihood and in their best interest to keep them protected from harm.To this day most of the bulls you see at the rodeos are brought in by contractors from local ranches these days. Eight seconds of pure
adrenaline.The riders say it gives them a rush like no other. In just eight seconds, heroes and
legends are born and can also be torn apart depending what mood your bull is in. The cowboys aren't the only athletes these bulls can weigh up to 2,000 ponds.Six years ago my brother friend drew a real mean bull.
He was hoping to get high score and top dollar only to get thrown less than three seconds landing under the bull and getting stepped on by the bull.
His spur got caught in the rope and he was dragged, pulling him under the bull, and the animal stepped in his chest. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and pronounced dead at the hospital.
"I couldn't believe my ears!"
They said ,"the bull would still be eligible for future events despite the tragedy!" The bull was not at fault. They said, it clearly not an act of aggression, the bull was bucking in his normal pattern.

It was a sad day for my son's friend for he was perusing his dream to be able to support his family: until this freak accident happened.

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My brother went to calf roping instead.
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