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Death of Corruption

Earth Day Coming

by Cogitator

Jake Shepard and his entourage entered the meeting room with a stride that indicated anger and determination.  Steve Lindstrom and his lieutenants had arrived a short time before and were already seated.

 “Jake!  Welcome.  Take a seat.”

 “Thanks, Steve.  Sorry to be a little late.  Damned freight train held us up for almost twenty minutes.”

 “No worries.  Let’s skip the pleasantries and get down to business, OK?”


“As the leader of the Sierra Club, I feel that, if we merge with your Greenpeace International, we can create a much more powerful force to reverse the effects of a corrupt leadership that has caused the potential of the end of the human race.  We need to forge a plan that will halt the disaster.  Have you thought about what we can do, Jake?”

“Day and night, Steve.  My members and yours number into the millions and we have the ability to wrest the power away from those whose only goals are power and greed.  I have some ideas of how we can achieve that.”

“Go on.”

“The ruling class uses money to create wage slaves to do their bidding.  Most people do not realize why they do what they do, they simply want to exist and have a good time as often as possible.  Those do not constitute the group we want to address.  Those professions that actually support the ruling class are the ones we need to recruit.”

“What do you mean, Jake?”

“The top one percent really has no idea how to create and maintain the systems they control.  We need the technicians, scientists and real workers to change their focus from serving upwards to helping downwards.  That one percent is so corrupt and decadent that they forget how the dining room lights go on. They would have a problem resetting a circuit breaker. Humans are the only animals on the planet that take more from her than what they need. That must stop.”

“So, what’s on your mind, Jake?”

“We have to crash the economic system that wage slaves depend on.  If we open our own bank – let’s say: “EarthBank,” and convince our members to transfer their funds from corporate lackeys like BankAmerica, Chase, Wells Fargo, and others, we can have a base of funds to begin transforming the way we live.  Additionally, we can develop the methods of green energy much more quickly.  Initially, we would get a charter as any other bank would.”

“Then what?”

“Those concerned with healing the planet would be encouraged to do business with EarthBank and receive a special card that would enable them to acquire resources for that purpose, even if they personally did not have enough funds.  Anyone who did not have an account with our bank would not be allowed access.  After the word of our mission gets out, huge numbers of individuals will transfer their funds into our EarthBank.”

“Don’t you think the government will step in?”

“Of course. Nothing will scare it more than the prospect of losing control.  But, let’s face it, we will be playing by their rules during this transition.  By the time they figure out what they need to do to stem the tide, the paradigm shift this creates will render existing governments powerless. All cardholders of the EarthBank automatically join the Green Party. Its mission statement will define the new government.All citizens of Planet Earth are eligible to join.”

“Transition into what?” Steve asks.

“Human beings have been bamboozled and hypnotized to believe some greater power is necessary for a secure and happy life.  Not so.  We all want to love and be loved and live in harmony with our human family.  Technology allows us to instantly communicate and connect with everyone else on Mother Earth.  Once fear has been removed from the human equation, we will evolve into harmony with Mother Earth.”

“Tell me more.”

One of Jake’s associates, John, offers:  “We have been developing software that can learn from interaction with humans.  Using the Internet, we can actually service the needs of communities with predictive fulfillment of what is required to maintain balance in any environment.  This is a new way of looking at surveillance systems that exist today.  The difference is that it creates cooperation instead of fear.  Eventually, the software would mirror the capabilities of the onboard computer on Star Trek’s Enterprise.  Anyone could know the answer to any question, in any language, by simple voice activation.”

“How close are you to delivery?” Steve asks.

“It’s available now in its basic form,” John replies “and it will learn more as it communicates with us.”

Steve enjoins: “I have investigated several self-sufficient communities and found some that indeed have no need for government.  Your software is the only factor lacking to making them secure and balanced.  How would you address the basic needs of everyday life?”

Jake: “Our true needs are food, water, shelter and clothing as required.  The community designs don’t have to be exactly alike.  The first priority in the designs is the elimination of waste.  Second is the production of adequate food for the population and third and last is the creation of energy for the complex.  Physical structures will be reminiscent of Bucky Fuller’s geodesic designs – rather like honeycombs for us to occupy. Choices are endless. Blending into natural landscapes will come easily after the skyscrapers are gone."

Elimination of biowaste will be accomplished by anaerobic digesters.  Human waste, excess plant material, uneaten food, etc. will be fed into these artificial stomachs and produce three outputs – potable water, energy, and bricks of solids that can be used as fertilizer or fuel.  If additional energy is required, wind farms and solar panels will fill the need.”

“What about food?” Steve asks.

“This would depend upon geographical location, of course,” Jake says, “but hydroponics for both protein and plant life would be integrated into the design for each community.  The size and number of these food-producing facilities depends on the logical population of a community.  Once the design has been proven, we can create more communities as needed.”

“That all sounds great!” Steve says, “So how do we get to Utopia?”

Jennifer, in Steve’s group, pipes up:

“Steve, the major cities on earth are like skin cancer.  There has to be a migration from the obscene phallic symbols of decadent corporations to the peace and tranquility of community life.  We must create communities that attract those who are tired of being exploited to an environment of love and companionship.”

“How will those communities stay secure?  There are many loonies out there who could terrorize a group of innocent people.”

Jennifer responds: “Once the economic system vanishes, there will be no money.  What would motivate violence then? Crimes of passion, perhaps, but one reason most people commit atrocities is because they have not been introduced to being loved.  Sick Society is what creates criminals.  Regardless of education or understanding levels, everyone can relate to being loved.”

Several moments of silence.

“How do we start?” Steve asks.

Jake: “First, we establish our bank, then we solicit our members to transfer all their funds into it.  We then begin a campaign to advertise our mission to the whole world.  Anyone who joins our effort is guaranteed to not be left behind.  We will eventually become the global family everyone wants.  The benefit of living on a healthy planet cannot be measured with dollars.  Once there are enough participants, money will be eliminated.  Everything will be free.  Education, health care, transportation and all other human needs will be the responsibility of all participants.  Computers will become our slaves, rather than the other way around.”

“There will be a great reluctance by many to change to this ideal.” Steve says.

“Most people today are imitators and/or followers.  There will be a great awakening resulting from this approach.  The majority of humanity lives in fear and trepidation.  Many do not even know where their next meal will come from.  If they come to realize that the global community will not allow their suffering, they will change their minds.  They also will become participants in treating their brethren with love and compassion.  I am absolutely convinced that love conquers all.”

“There are many who will want to hold on to their beliefs, no matter what.” Steve adds.

Jake: “Truth will surface, regardless of how hard people want to ignore it.  The human ego is an artificial construct that wants to drive when its true role is navigator.  Ego lives in denial, but will eventually succumb.”

Jennifer asks: “What about God?”

“The major religions are losing meaning.” Jake responds.  “For the most part, the ruling class has used sin and guilt as a method to control populations and does little else.  It is another form of government aimed at belief systems. Today, they are more a way to create social interaction than to reach spiritual understanding.  It is impossible to understand our inner light by giving up our ability to reason.  It is human beings that create the image of God, not that some god creates human beings in his image.  Once people are willing to take responsibility for their own life without fear of some imaginary Hell, we can reach our Utopia.”

“Do we have enough time before Mother Earth gets rids of humanity?” Steve hesitantly offers.

“Yes!” Jake almost screams.  “After 9/11, all air travel was suspended and scientists noted a marked improved in air quality on the second day.  Mother Earth has amazing recuperative powers if we just allow her to use them.  Don’t forget that our polluted waters are cleansed though evaporation and come from the sky totally pure.  There are no waters on earth today that are really safe to drink without processing.  We simply have to make people aware of what they need to do.

Imagining Utopia
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Albert Einstein.
Every action we take is to achieve some goal.  That goal must first be imagined before we can bring it to fruition.  Whether it is to take our morning shower, go on a vacation, walk the dog or any number of other objectives, we must first envision them.  The important part to realize of this process is that it is the result we must describe first, not the actions we take to get it.  There is a myriad of methods to achieve any goal.  Goal achievement is a three-part system that resembles a recipe.  To create a delicious meal, we have to imagine the finished product, gather the ingredients and put them through a sequential process.  So it is with imagining Utopia.
We prioritize our goals by their value, or meaning, to our lives at this time, at this place, under the current circumstances.  Goals are actually prioritized as their value MINUS the effort required to achieve them.  Every life form is busy in every moment activating itself on its number one priority as dictated by the individual's value system.  There are no exceptions to this rule. Everyone reading these words is spending time on their number one priority at this time, at this place, under these circumstances. If your tea kettle calls you or your smoke alarm goes off, you will be distracted and address your new number one priority.  Most people seldom address their goal valuation but it will eventually be essential to do so in order to create a sane and safe Utopia.
What would a Utopian society mean to humanity?
Utopia is a kind and gentle place.  There are no homeless people in it.  It is an egalitarian society where no individual is ignored. There are many examples of imagined Utopias in history from Plato, Thomas More and others.  The Hippie movement in the 1960s created a number of establishments intended to provide solace to the weary by ridding themselves of decadent objectives.  There is one major difference between those ideals and the one we are able to create today - Technology.  In Utopia, technology is the slave of humanity, rather than the other way around as it is today.  To achieve that reversal, the existing ruling class must move aside.
Everything humans believe and value is based upon agreements among themselves.  They form groups that communicate and bolster beliefs and values they desire to hold as true, or real, and live their life according to the mandates of the group(s) to which they want to belong.  This is the basic herding instinct of social animals - which we are.  In Utopia, there is only one group and it is all-inclusive.
Splinter groups are created by "Group-Think," or Collective Consciousness of their members.  They separate themselves by agreeing to trains of thought that differentiate them from other groups.  Their behavior is governed by the indoctrination of dogma into their group-think.  This dogma is also called a tenet - French for "to hold," or ism.  Today's society has too many isms to mention that create separation instead of unification.
Anarchism is the political belief that there should be little or no formal or official organization to society but that people should work freely together.  Most people are not aware that Communism is the elimination of political states and personal profit.  In Utopia, competition is replaced by communication, collaboration and cooperation for the benefit and progress of the whole.  There is no room for individual ownership, power or greed. The prevalent isms of a sane, safe and healthy society are anarchism and communism working in concert.
After the basic needs of human existence are satisfied, most people desire freedom and love.  Freedom of expression, freedom from fear, freedom of movement, understanding and growth underpin Utopian society.  Children are regarded as seeds destined to blossom into their purpose for being rather than be trained to become wage slaves.  Traditions, superstitions, false beliefs and values are replaced with the understanding that we are all threads in the fabric of Universal Consciousness.  Development of the arts and sciences in young minds is the objective of education.  To "educe" means to develop or make something appear.  To access the power we all possess when connecting with the Universal Consciousness is the goal of Utopian education.
Utopians know that Mother Earth is the provider of our sustenance.  Respect for our mother is a primary concern for all her inhabitants.  These is no waste nor pollution in Utopia.  There is no usage of her resources for the purpose of destruction, decadence and frivolity.  The quality of life has nothing to do with material things or toys to occupy idle minds. There are no polluted streams or poisoned atmosphere in Utopia.  Cities which have become like skin cancer upon her face are replaced with common sense, self-sustaining communities that harmonize with her Nature.  These communities would be connected by technology that is available today.
Utopia is achievable without violence or coercion.  It can be attained by the removal of false ideas and false isms.  It will sprout when those who support the ruling class turn their attention to those being ruled.  After all, the only reason the ruling class has power is because we allow them to take ours.
Quantum computers operate between (approx) 1,000 and 1,000,000 times faster than today's hardware. They already function and have proven this. All scientific quests here on earth and elsewhere will be reached much faster. Operations and maintenance of Utopian communities will be automated and refined. Artistic endeavors will flourish. 
Music has the ability to bring people and their thoughts together.  The anthem of Utopia is John Lennon's song "Imagine."  The message of the lyrics imply that the way to "live as one" is to eliminate organized religion, politics and money.  It may be that Yoko's influence, probably based upon Eastern philosophy, had an impact on John.  Buddhism is not a religion, but rather a way of living.  The Tao is the path to enlightenment and that is analogous to the road to Utopia.  Its message is Oneness.

The insanity of humanity is caused by the unending greed of the few.  Gather the technicians, scientists, wage slaves and any concerned citizen of the world and boycott the destroyers.

Found this section of my science fiction novel. A glimpse at sanity.
Sierra Club's Aspiration Fund awaits your funds transfer. Do it NOW!
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