General Poetry posted November 22, 2022

This work has reached the exceptional level
A street opera in the key of C.

Black Phantom Shadows

by easyeverett1

black phantom shadows - 
(human beings) 
aromatic ghosts float 
but rarely are they seen 
check out the scent on the putrid, muted 
breeze - busted-up blood tragedy - many 
people trapped - flat in the middle of a Kafka dream
people seem fine with the all night whine - the night sirens 
sound like Donizetti's Borgeia in C - street trolls lose their  
funky-monkey mind - won't listen to a melody in any other key 
maximize a siren to its highest boost - 
then play that wail in C - it soon will find a 
place to roost - as people love to listen to
a loud melodic melody in that magic key 
mighty mister-dumpsters filled to brim tonight - 
as nighgtime dippers quickly dip and slip from sight  
while safer, hipper dippers dip at morning light 
but crack-head harlots sometimes skip the dip -  
the appetite is not in sight when smokin' crack 
becomes a dieter's delight 

little Lizzie crack-head takes a dive - in dumpster number nine -
lunch in the city - be a pity not to dine - in a loaded dipsy-dumpster
where the food tastes fine - but Lizzie leaned too far - she fell right in - 
but not a hungry harlot at the bottom of the bin -'cause squirmy little wormies 
ate Lizzie and her sin 
bright badge's shine 
on a Saturday night 
uninformed authority 
on famine and blight 
people never look 
a beat cop in the eye 
no matter what the truth 
or street wise lie 
street people know 
the bureaucratic game 
are dirty little shake-downs
of multitudinal shame 
you don't talk to cops 
you don't give your name 
you never let a cop 
be director of the game 
day to day gravity can cause great pain - on paralyzed, 
gutter-rutted people in the rain - better stand guard 
over precious cityways - Mammon's dimmin' down - 
seen its better days - when the harshest haze of poverty  
was hidden in the maze of interlocking alleyways where
shrouded safe in darkness - the furry vermin plays


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