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Trouble walks in

The Office, Part 6

by Shirley McLain

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Tony took two steps and closed the door behind his father. He then took three steps to Amanda and took her in his arms, and passionately kissed her before she had time to react. “I’ve been wanting to do that since you walked through the door.”

“I’m not sure how appropriate that was, but I liked it.”

“Great, because I plan to do it every morning. Once we’re married, I can do it before we leave home, but until then I’ll do it here.”

“What makes you think we’re going to marry?”

Tony laughed, “because you love me.”

“Yes, I do, but right now, I am just an employee and need to get to work.”

“You will never be just an employee. Come on and quit trying to keep me from my duties!”

“OK, I promise not to accost you again,” Amanda said in her most deadpan voice.

“Fine, but remember, if you want to accost me during the day, just step into my office and close the door.”

“Tony Wilkins, you are incorrigible.”

With a big smile on his face, Tony said. “It’s fun, isn’t it?”

They walked out of the break room to begin their day.

Part 6

Amanda continued to familiarize herself with the duties of her job, and close to the day’s end, she heard Tony call her name. She walked from her desk to his office door and stuck her head in, “Did you want me for something, Tony?”

“I’ll always want you until the day I die, but why I called you was to ask for us to go out to dinner tonight.”

“That sounds nice, but I am so tired. I’m going to ask for a rain check on dinner tonight. I hope you don’t mind too much. I didn’t sleep well last night. It was because of my starting this job today.”

“Speaking of the job, how do you think you’ll like it?”

“I still have a lot to learn, but I’ll get the hang of the routine, and I’ll be able to anticipate your needs.”

The door chime sounded, and Tony commented. “Why is someone coming in now? My next appointment will keep me busy all afternoon. Make them an appointment and get rid of them.”

Amanda didn’t say anything and walked directly to the lobby. A beautiful woman dressed in designer clothes stood in front of her. “Can I help you?” Amanda asked.

“Yes, I would like to see Anthony Wilkins,” the woman said.

“I’m sorry he’s not available right now. I can set up an appointment for you to speak with him. What is your name?”

“He’s not here?”

“Yes, he’s here, but unable to speak with you. Can I have your name, please?

“I have to speak with Tony. It’s especially important, and it can’t wait.”

“Can I have your name? He is in a conference with a client and can’t be disturbed right now.”

“It’s Angel Anderson, and I will wait until he is done. It is imperative I speak with him.”

Amanda caught herself glaring at the woman in exasperation, and quickly averted her eyes back to her desk. “Fine, if that is what you wish, but I can’t tell you how long the wait will be.”

Thinking about customer relations, Amanda asked, “Would you like a cup of coffee? I made it just before you came in.”

“No, thank you,” Angel replied.

“Make yourself comfortable, I will be at the desk.”

Amanda’s thoughts were wandering about this determined visitor, and couldn’t keep her mind on her work. She didn’t have a good feeling about this less-than-friendly woman.

After sitting for more than two hours, Angel walked up to the desk. “Excuse me, I demand you interrupt Tony and let him know I’m here.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Anderson, I’m unable to do that. I told you I didn’t know how long his meeting would be. Tony gave me emphatic instructions not to disturb him. I can make you an appointment for in the morning first thing.”

“NO! I’m not waiting.” Angel begins to yell out, “Tony,” as loud as she could yell.

When the fourth yell came out, two office doors opened simultaneously. Tony and his father came out. Amanda saw the blood drain from Tony’s face as he stammered, Angel’s name.

He looked at his father standing at his office door. “It’s all right, Dad. I’ll take care of this.” Nodding his head, Henry returns to his office, shutting his door behind himself.

“What are you doing here, Angel? This is not a suitable time. I am extremely busy today.”

“I have to talk to you, and I don’t intend to wait any longer. This is important.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wilkins. I tried to stop her, but couldn’t. I tried to make her an appointment for in the morning, but she didn’t want one.”

“It’s all right, Amanda. Don’t worry about it. Angel, I don’t appreciate your behavior at all, but give me two minutes to talk to my client, and I will have you come into my office. Will that suit you?”

“Yes, it will,” Angel smugly remarked and returned to her seat.

Tony placed a hand on Amanda’s shoulder and gave it what he hoped was a reassuring squeeze. He returned to his office and shut the door. Within two minutes, Tony came back out of his office. “Amanda put Mr. Smitherman down for an 8 AM appointment next Monday. The client has already left by the side door."

“Now, it’s my turn.” Angel walked into Tony’s office and sat in the chair in front of his desk.

Tony couldn’t believe her behavior, much less figure out why she was in his office. He thought he’d seen the last of her three years ago when he told her he didn’t want to see her again. His thought then went to Amanda. What she must be thinking. I will have some explaining to do.

Keeping her eyes on her desk, Amanda heard Tony’s door close. The urge to turn on the audio for his office, to hear what was being said, took over for a moment. She quickly pushed that thought aside.

I don’t think this is good. Whatever this is. Tony didn’t act towards her as he did other clients. Amanda tried to keep busy to distract her thoughts, but didn’t succeed. She constantly shifted her mind from Tony’s office back to the work in front of her. She wished Marge were in the office today to give her a distraction.


Angel sat back in her chair and crossed her legs, giving Tony a good look at her leg and thigh. She purposely wore a short skirt to show Tony what he was missing. It may have been three years, but she knew what he liked.

What irked Tony the most was the smile on her face. I’ll play nice for a minute or two. “It’s been a while, Angel. How have you been?”

“I’ve been doing well. I’m at the top with my modeling agency. It took a couple of years of demanding work, but I’m now doing covers for several of the top magazines.”

“That’s great. Now I need to know why you had to see me so

urgently that you had to interrupt my time with my client?”

“Oh, there is to be no more chit-chat, sweetie. Fine, I need to tell you something important.”

“What could you possibly have to tell me? I haven’t laid eyes on you in over three years. I am sure I made it plain to you. I never wanted to see you again.”

“Oh, you made that very plain, but circumstances change. I think you will like what I have to say, and I know you’re going to be surprised.”

“All right, tell me what you need to. I have work to do.”

“I wish you would display that charm I loved when we were together.”

Tony lost what little self-control he had. “Say what you need to or get out of my office now!” All he could think about was how she had lied, cheated, and used him to make headway in her career. When he caught her with Brian Childers, his so-called best friend at the time, it ended everything between them.

“I can’t go until you hear what I have to say.”

“Then say it and stop trying to act like I should be glad to see you.”

“Did I tell you I have a three year old son? His name is Adam, and he is my world. He looks like his father. Such a handsome little fellow.”

“Congratulations to you and Brian, I’m sure he is a good dad.”

“Brian and I aren’t together, and he certainly isn’t Adam’s father, you are.”

“What did you just say?” Tony’s face drained of color again. “I don’t believe you. You’re a liar and I want you to leave now.”

Reaching into her purse, Angel took out an envelope and threw it on the desk. “Look at it, please.”

Tony’s hands were shaking so badly he couldn’t pick up the envelope right away. Even though he knew it was a lie, it knocked his world out of kilter. He couldn’t speak, so he just stared at Angel. She remained her calm, smiling self.

After what seemed forever, Tony reached for the envelope, and took out two sheets of paper. One was a birth certificate from Baptist Memorial Hospital showing mother, Angel Anderson, gave birth to a son Adam Anderson, father unknown. “This doesn’t prove anything.”

“Read the other paper, Tony.”

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