Biographical Poetry posted September 20, 2022

This work has reached the exceptional level
Life hardships overwhelming my mental state.

Rush of blood to the head

by Charity Stewart

Rush of blood to the head.

Embolism of struggles leaving me dead.

Demonic sins filled with crosses.

Emotional paralysis from dealing with too many losses.

Hell flames burning like candles.

Troubling waters in my life are too much to handle.

Internally lost without a manual.

Lurked by the same traps which seem to be annual.

The temptations that surround me, I can't troubleshoot.

Worrisome of tribulations that don't seem to be acute.

Trapped in the dungeons with dragons.

The devil in my ear, continuously nagging.

Chronic insomnia causes daytime dragging.

Pouring out my heart while writing is my passion.

Love and respect are treated as old-fashioned.

I'm a hood rat with a lot of compassion.

Living life on the edge so my seat belt I don't fasten.

No control over my future so lately I been crashing.

Am I really okay, please stop asking!!!

Toxic situations I don't indulge because I stay fasting.

My life story is a film that soon will be casting.

Runner's high is persistent and long-lasting.

My time on this earth is short because my pain is still not passing.

In Hawaii you roll down your windows, the weed is highly blasting.

The police still targeting us and harassing.

An idle mind is the devil's workshop so I stay multitasking.

Forgiveness and mercy, strongly grasping.

Turmoil and peace, always clashing.

I don't want to die getting hit by a dump truck like Haskins.

Devastating suffering, in need of aspirin.

No one is bold enough to walk in my shoes.

Winding down in my jammock with plenty of booze.

Visiting heartbreak hotel has given me the poetic blues.

Decarbed bud with coconut oil always ready to infuse.

You can't play with my feelings, I already know how it is to be used.

I've been through hell and back so you know I have some loose screws.

If you stab me in my back, you sparked the fuse.

If you feel incomplete, you better start searching for clues.

Reality alarm clock going off so I'm constantly hitting the snooze.

Drug temptations so you know I can't refuse.

Traumatic events in life can cut straight through like a blade.

So many Judases in my life so you know I feel betrayed.

Doubting myself, living a better life seems impossible.

I found strength within to overcome every obstacle.

Sniper's aim, rush of blood to the head.

Blood dripping in every line you just read.


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