General Poetry posted September 15, 2022

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by Gordon Stacey

As the spirit stirs sweetened marrow, coursing through natures nourishing tendrils, wraping silky dreams with tender arms as soft babbling brooks, tend to thirsty curious roots from an otherly realm. 
Drawing from a nutrient based soil, tilled to freshness, sown with faithful seeds and gently laced with an armoma of teasing petals, rings will entwine itself, as the vow to be remembered.
As the host will surely tremble with more than a taste, but an ounce to truth and love for the sacred passage, surely the blest will feel the weight of a thousand leaves breathing to curl around times swift flowing eddies of odd intrinsic qualities, 'oft seen upon the rarest of sunsets, and sunrises of valiant hope, and humbled glory.
Known is the presence to the fowls and to the tides that crash thunder admist, to sway favor to this new feeling of vibrant elegance forging times blade.  Patience is well quested.  Time is put to trial, and grace permeates through the continuity of beautiful sighs of relief.
Curving into a universe with warmth and peace, striding through thought, through action, and through deed. Goodness prevails.
Ripples entranced more than dreamers feasting and yet continuing to ripple forward, sometimes faster then the senses flirting to form the formless guide, glinting through an excited intrinsic labyrinth swirling as crystalline explorations whisper through chased, spurred sparrows chirping, chiming to excel through spindles of time as patience has flitted the faithful into a conscious focus that blazes with brazen azure to the wilderness of wonder.
Shifting quickly as light glances with and towards the very currents of reality, inscribing coherent lessons through wild cursive etchings of a fluidic lore.  Flaring to life the wondruous voice, accentuated with dream-like qualities, beckoning you to rest while pronouncing a creative pull as sheer brilliance compounds naturally into the rolling starry night. 
This shift itself can only beget life to implore reason to shift and stride towards the light and a into a new spirit, both of grace and peaceful endeavours that instill silence into the holy night. 
Striding yet again, this blade cuts lovely, yet offers a kindness, severing the constraints.  Burning an icy blue.  Fluent in charisma and verse, abundant in posture, slightly perched to turn away adversaries and form the perfect moment thoughts pause and reflect upon the beauty cast by the moons holistic fingers.  Softly tracing curves and sometimes pouring pure silver upon an awakening that fuels the embers within, simply let go into a chasm of light that seemingly resonates intuitively, clearly and distinctly.

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