Sports Flash Fiction posted September 1, 2022

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A football teams last blow out before practice begins

Spring Break


Time for spring break once again. The trip to Florida with all of my buddies will be one of the first things that will remind us we are on a party break. We did this every year. Get everyone together, drive to Florida and party for the next three or four days. In fact, we saved all year for this one opportunity to let our hair down.

This year was no different. Here we were, five of the best friends you could imagine. We were all going to be college freshmen, in the same college, and all of us were on the high school varsity football team. The cheerleaders were dancing at our feet. We had the world by the tail.

We always singled one of us out as the designated driver for this trip. It was a 24-hour drive, but one guy could handle that easily. After all, we were physical specimens, we were football players. While that one guy drove, we would all be sampling the couple of cases of beer we brought along to get us through the long drive.

We were about halfway to our destination, and we heard the tell-tale whine of the police siren off in the distance behind us. We had no idea if he was after us or not, but just in case we started throwing the empties out the windows. One of the back seat cushions would fold down giving access to the trunk so we stashed the full ones back there.

Tom, the driver, had not had anything to drink and the rest of us really just started, so we weren’t too worried, we just wanted to play it "cool." Tom didn’t see it that way. He did not want to get a ticket of any kind, so he stepped on it, just to widen the gap.

There was a railroad crossing up ahead with a train rapidly approaching from our left. Tom figured if he could get across the track before the siren caught up with us, we would be home free. He gunned that old Chevy a little more. Then Matt yelled out “No, don’t try it Tom!” I looked up and realized the train was way too close. As I was getting ready to yell out I heard Greg shout “Stop Tom!” The last thing I remember hearing was my own voice yelling “Stop ... "

NARRATOR: That year was one little town’s personal spring break horror as they lost half their starting lineup of their fledgling college football team. No survivors, no excuses, no second chances.


A fictional story for me but a true one for a team from my home state of Michigan about 55 years ago. Many details are left out because they simply are not known. Everything gone for these young men who had it all right before them, all for the sake of a drink.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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