Biographical Poetry posted August 9, 2022

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Struggles with prescription drugs percs

Perkys Story

by Charity Stewart

Time on this earth is too short.

Numbing the pain so I always feel out of sorts.

Memories of death wishing I could abort.

My mental state, the percs continues to distort.

Addiction growing inside of my flesh like a wart.

Full of shame so I kept my head down in court.

Struggling with overcoming consequences of my actions.

My inner circle provides too many distractions.

People asking me if I still do drugs, I replied no so I don't have to deal with their reactions.

I can't tell the whole truth, just only a fraction.

Lost in my own thoughts from all the pills I've taken.

Fear of being highly forsaken.

My aunty saw me stumbling and gagging in the streets.

She told me I'm not all there, it was no way she was going to let me drive my jeep.

I don't know why I love the percs, they always make me sick.

My aunty made me a bed on her couch because there was no way I could sober up quick.

Perc 30s in my stomach could cause an overdose.

I should have told her the truth at first since we are really close.

I know the drugs have me doing the most.

Sipping on that purple while cruising around the coast.

I feel like a superhero when I'm intoxicated.

Daytime withdrawals leaving me frustrated.

Drinking wine throughout the day so I can feel small kine sedated.

My words are a foreign language so it needs to be translated.

If I keep playing with fire, one day I will burn.

Drugs damaged my life but I still haven't learned.

Feening for more, I told the devil he has to wait his turn.

Perkys hunger I will forever yearn.

Road to recovery is something I have to earn.

Fighting my demons trying to be continuously firm.

Nailed to the perkys cross so I know I'm not in heaven.

Mental tricks, I could have swore I took three percs instead of a seven.

I gave all my percs away so I won't take more than I need.

Hoping one day I can be freed.

I don't need a lighter to get higher.

The pills burning me up inside like a fire.

Dreaming of perkys taste the rainbow desire.

The pills I don't know why I highly admire.

How can I deal with my foot pain daily?

I don't even know who I am lately.

I'm drowning in the sea, somebody get me back safely.

Months without percs so my hands are very shaky.

I wouldn't be alive today if the percs didn't break me.

Hoping one day the percs won't take me.

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