Fantasy Fiction posted August 5, 2022

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A synopsis of a Sci-Fi story to be written.

Trug4 and The Secret

by Shirley McLain

To Alex Overton, the wait was the name of the game now. His highly welcomed retirement in one week from the United Space Exploration (USE) continued foremost in his thoughts. Alex could then live full-time on his ranch in the Rockies.

The company's CEO contacts Alex for one final run to Omega3 to deliver a valuable package to the cloistered convent on the planet's dark side. Alex planned to fly the Mite, since the cargo hole wasn't needed.

At the launch pad, his anticipated delivery was a 5'2", blue-eyed, petite blonde. His written instructions told him Meridith Higgins must arrive at Holy Cross Convent by Thursday.

Alex's mind focused on Meridith and her cute backside, and observed a red light begin to flash on the display panel. Just a glitch, not a mechanical problem with the combustion system, he thought, and returned to his observation of Meridith. Alex contemplated a good time with his shipment.

The computer started to call out maydays due to engine failure. Alex strapped in and turned off the autopilot. As he got control of the little ship, he felt it tilt to the left.

The transport crashed on the unexplored world of Trug4. Miraculously, the two survived the ship’s destruction, thanks to USE's newly developed space suits.

Alex and Meredith experienced a few cuts and bruises, but were otherwise intact. The terrain contained only fine black sand, and jagged rocks protruded at angles as far as the eye could see.

They'd walk to find shelter and carry what little food and water they found. Meridith limped as she walked and must be supported. Alex noticed different creatures' footprints along the way. It built up fear in Alex about what they faced ahead. What monstrous things would require a fight for survival?

Meridith began to talk as they walked, and Alex wished she had said anything but what she did. A rogue faction of the church called the Brothers of Might was after her. She was headed to the nunnery to escape their grasp. She knew they would follow. She divulged everything but the reason why.

 Fighting the elements of this unknown world was enough for Alex to worry about, but now he must add a militant gang to his list. If the pair survives this barren planet, how will they manage to evade and survive the group following them?



This is a synopsis for a story I will write, and I would like to know if the synopsis is good enough to catch your attention and is the right length. Any suggestions would be helpful. It is 394 words long.
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