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Dialogue is everywhere


by Hubert Honeycotte

As a noun, dialogue is a conversation between two or more people. But as a verb, to take part in a talk or discussion to resolve a problem, the police chief stated he would not dialogue with the gunman. I have used eleven forms of dialogue for this writing, as demonstrated in the following examples.

Formal dialogue (food service)

Clerk: Good afternoon, young lady; what can I do for you?

Customer: Good afternoon, can you tell me about your regular big woofer burger?

Clerk: Of course, madam, it has 180grms. of meat, cheddar cheese, Canada bacon, tomato slices, lettuce, and sauces.

Customer: Excellent, may I have one, please, plus a pop.

Clerk: Very good. Would you like dessert with that?

Customer: not sure yet. I'll tell you when you bring the order.

Clerk: Yes, madam. In a minute or two, I will deliver it to you.

Customer: Thank you very much.

Formal dialogue (2)(student/ teacher)

Zizzy: Mr. Brown, may I talk to you, please.

Mr. Brown: sure, tell me, what subject do you need help on?

Zizzy: I'm having trouble understanding the last lesson on physics.

That may be because you get distracted in class; you are concentrating more on the girl sitting beside you. Sit down, and we'll review it and prepare you for your exam next week.

Zizzy: Thank you very much, Mr. Brown.

Semi-formal dialogue(meat market)

Lega: Good morning. Mr. Prior

Mr. Prior: Good morning to you also. How can I help?

Lega: May I have a large shank of mutton, please.

Mr. Prior: Here you are, hoping this cut is right for you. Anything else?

Lega: No. Thank you, how much do I owe you I'll use my master card?

Mr. prior: seventy-five dollars plus tax.

Lega: Stored credit card and takes the purchase.

Mr. Prior: Thank you very much. Enjoy your meal. Happy afternoon.

Friendly dialogue (young friends)

Mary: Hello Tom, how have you been?

Tom: Very well, thank you! How are you?

Mary: Everything's fine in my world. I haven't seen you for a long time.

Tom: yes, that's true; I was traveling; I visited several European countries last year.

Mary: That sounds interesting! Did you bring back souvenirs?

Tom: Yes, I purchased a spoon from every country I visited.

Dialogue between friends (mature friends)

Bruce: Hi Mike! How are you? Strange to see you in this area?

Mike: A week ago, I started working just a few blocks from here. I'm on my way home.

Bruce: You're far from home, aren't you? Where are you working?

Mike: In a clinic making prostheses, just a couple of blocks from here, on fourth avenue.

Bruce: Well, I also work on fourth, so we'll see each other more often. Let's do lunch sometime and catch up on family.

Mike: Excellent idea, just one short block from my work is an Italian restaurant with competitive prices.

Bruce: Sure, let's run to catch the bus.

Dialogue between friends (2) Request)

Frank: Hi, Sandy. Do you know what time the Oilers play tonight?
Hello! Sandy Yes, the game starts at seven o'clock.

Frank: I will leave early enough to get a good parking spot.

Sandy: Okay, see you at the game.

Everyday dialogue(Teen's shopping)

Tom: Would you like to join me today?

Mary: Why? Where do we go?

Tom: To the shopping center.

Mary: That sounds great! Are we going to buy my Christmas gift?

Tom: Too early.

Mary: my birthday gift?

Tom: I should go alone.

Dialogue between strangers (Information request)

One â?" excuse me.

Two â?" Yes, sure.

One - Can you tell me how to get to the subway station, please?

Two â?" Yes, sure. Turn right here and walk two blocks, cross the street, turn left, and you will be at the station.

One - Excellent, thank you very much!

Two -You're welcome. Have a good day.

One - Likewise, see you again.

Dialogue between acquaintances mother (Ms. Brown), daughter (Pam), and friend (Jim) (Teens Mom)

Mrs. Brown, hello?

Jim: Hi, I'm Jim; how are you? Can I speak to Pam?

Mrs. Brown: Hello, very well, and you,

Jim: Very good. Is Pam home? She isn't answering her phone.

Mrs. Brown, she went to the mall. She forgot her phone. But when she gets back, I'll tell her to call you.

Jim: Thank you, see you later.

Mrs. Brown: No problem, you're good, bye.

Friendly Dialogue (between acquaintances, one being cantankerous )

Fred: ha, dumbbell did you people vote yesterday?

Dan, you bet your bottom dollar.

Fred, did you vote for a mayor? Dan, sure, bet your ass! Who did you vote for?

Fred, none of your dam business?

Did you vote for a school board member Fred?

Yes, we have grandchildren attending school. Did you also vote for the time change?

I don't give a dam about the time. We have someone to tell us when it's time to eat, and our nurse tells us to take our medicine, so why to worry about the time.

Fred:- the most important reason why Mary and I voted was to stop the flow of money going from Alberta to Quebec.

Dan: why do that?

To stop Trudeau from taking our money every month and giving it to Quebec and the other provinces. That's highway robbery. Fred, Trudeau must be stopped.

Dan, who told you that stuff?

Listen to premier Kenny; Dan, there's a guy to run the country; I will vote for him again when the time comes.

Dan, you're the only Albertian to do so.

Fred:- my friend's son works with the trucking company that transports the money from Edmonton to Ottawa. Can you imagine the number of dollars?

Why don't they send it by airplane Fred?

Trudeau won't allow it because he has shares in the trucking company.

How do you know that?

Fred, look at that internet thing, dumb ass. We really should separate, go it alone.

Someone should, ......Fred began to say when the dessert arrived, and the conversation ended.

Dialogue (between supervisor and worker)

Mike, a clerk who unloads trucks, opens the cartons and delivers the contents to the storage area. He decides to do something about it and looks for the shipping supervisor.

"Hi, Edna," "Look," he says, "I'm not stacking incoming boxes anymore until you provide some sort of racks so that they only have to be stacked three or four high. If those cases fall, someone will be badly injured, and it may be me. We ought to have a lift truck or someone to help as the boxes come from the truck."

"Who are you kidding?" retorts Edna. "You're just looking for an excuse to get out of the heavy work. We've been stacking them like that for years, and I've never seen one fall."

"Maybe we've just been lucky," Mike replies. stacking them six high is dangerous."

"Well, see what's dangerous around here," says Edna in an unfriendly voice. "In the meantime, get the truck unloaded now. And I warn you to keep stacking the cases six high."

"No way," says Mike. "Stacking them that high is unsafe. I know my rights. This shop has got to remove any conditions that are likely to cause injury."

In a very annoyed tone, Edna says, "Get off it, Mike. The heaviest box only weighs a few pounds, and they're not going to fall if you stack them properly. You're just looking for trouble, or maybe you want someone else to make a simple job easier."

Mike "Since you put it that way," "I am not going to stack those cases until the inspector comes in here and tells me it is safe or not."

In a not too friendly voice, Edna says get to work or else!!

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