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Paul wakes from coma thousands of miles from site of crash

A chapter in the book Bury My Heart in Colorado

One Heartbeat From Heaven

by forestport12

Paul wakes from a coma thousands of miles away from his vehicle accident in his hometown, not knowing how or why and esp. not knowing if his fianc�?�© in Colorado lived or died.

I’m drowning. No. Suffocating…

 Muffled sounds float down to me in this deep well. Blurred faces, oblong looks call on me to heave myself out.  I’m birthed into a new world; or have I been resurrected?   
Shadowy figures huddled and loomed over me. One face sharpened into focus. “I’m Dr. Patel. You are in good care. Do not be afraid. You were in a most unfortunate accident.”

 I fought to free my tongue to find words. 

He breathed on me. “Do you know your name?”

“Paul. My…my name is Paul Dixon. Where…where am I?”

“You are in Syracuse hospital.  He’s dressed in white, but he’s not Jesus. “We had to induce a coma for your own safe being.”

 Safety? I’m restrained with leather cuffs!  I arched my back, puffed my chest, and tugged on the restraints. I was at their mercy.

“Please do not fight this. It is for your own good. You have too many internal injuries that can put you in jeopardy,” said Dr. Patel. Other voices echoed his words and nodded.   

The doctor pried wide my eyes and beamed the light into my pupils until they burned like hot pokers. I resisted. Closed my eyes.

Pieces of my puzzled memory form the picture of an accident in Colorado. My fiancé was in her truck with me.  Opening my eyes, I gave the doctor my best fearful glare. “How’d I get here? Where…where’s Kat.? Where’s my fiancé? Is…is she okay?”

Dr. Patel placed a hand on my chest. “Don’t think about her now. You need to save your strength. Not to injure yourself.”

All the muscles in my body tightened and cramped. “Is she alive? Tell me! Where is she? Kat!”

They all looked at me in silence.

 No…No…! I…I need to see her!”

Someone shouted. “Code blue!”

Someone else poked a needle in my thigh. I went limp. I tried to speak, but I mumbled words as if my lips were made from rubber.  Hands pressed me down. My body caved. My eyes folded into the abyss of darkness where nothing matters.


Just wanted to see if I can bring life to this storyline, I've had for a few years. It is a love story with a twist.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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