General Poetry posted July 18, 2022

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Doves Mate for life

I killed Her Lover

by Rickie1

Everyday she sits on the power line all by herself.
Suiters fly up cooing, bobbing heads and side glancing.
Coyly she looks to either side but never directly.
When approached she flutters away.
She a one bird kind of girl.
Such bonding.

She's always alone now.
Waiting for her mate to arrive.
He won't.
He can't
I killed him.

A thoughtless accident.
I like doves and their gentle songs,
early in the morning and late afternoon,
when it's still.
They are calming and peaceful creatures.

Now when I see her I feel guilt and remorse.
I know she is lonely and it's my fault.
None of her many suitors will ever get close to her.
She waits every day.
All by herself.
All alone.

The squirrels and chipmunks raid our birdfeeder.
I set a snap trap for the little devils.
Unaware that doves eat ants where the seeds spill.
The peaceful dove got it's wing crushed, it couldn't fly.
A fox made off with it.

There was once two doves sitting on the power line.
Now there is just one.
When I sit on the deck there she is.
Alone and I feel bad.

Her suiters fly up.
She shows little interest.
They fly away.
I watch every day hoping she accepts a new mate.
Hoping she finds a lover and my guilt can go away.

It's my fault and I'm sadly reminded.
Even a birds life is scared.

I live trap squirrels now and take them away.
Dozens live to see news days.

I know.
It's only a stupid bird.
This is absurd.
A sadness occurred.
I am incurred.

I never thought such a small event would bother me so much but I've been watching this dove for several years now.
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