General Poetry posted July 13, 2022

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Human race in action

Some of us vs. The rest of us

by Charity Stewart

The story of some of us vs. the rest of us.

Some of us are in love, others are filled with lust.

Some of us are prostitutes, some of us are nuns.

Some of us are truthful, the rest of us are cons.

Never in life say what you aren't going to do.

Circumstances will change your actions out of the blue.

Looking down on the women that aren't married.

You don't know the burdens many people carried.

It's not wrong to be cremated instead of buried.

It's okay to believe in fairy tales and tooth fairies.

Nothing is wrong with being a rebel or a saint.

If you are fairly healthy , you should have very few complaints.

Some of us have dementia, the rest of us have our sanity.

Some of us have low self esteem, the rest of us have vanity.

Nerds and hoodlums have their own style.

Some of us are free, others are waiting for trial.

Please sit back and ponder for awhile.

So many women are unable to bear a child.

Sometimes it's so hard to put on a smile.

Some of us are gentle, others are hostile.

It too hard for many of us to go the extra mile.

I know some of us feel rejected like being exile.

We all made mistakes, maybe some of them were foul.

It's always room for change so don't throw in the towel.

So many people judge women who stay with men that beat them.

Sometimes life is not simple enough for women to delete them.

Holding on to damaging relationships to prevent from being alone.

Desperate for conversation but no one answers the phone.

Some men are fathers while others are dead beats.

I can never be a vegan because I'm in love with meat.

I will never forgive a man that cheats.

Running through blitz coverage without any cleats.

Some of us are living healthy, the rest of us are dying slow.

Some of us are drinking liquor, the rest of us are doing blow.

Some of us have no debt while the rest of us are stressed about how much we owe.

Cabernet is too expensive so I start drinking Merlot.

Some people found the light while other darkness only glows.

I don't know why I'm the broken vessel that God chose.

Some of us are amateurs, the rest of us are pros.

Some of us are straight, the rest of us are on the down low.

So much more I wish I could discuss.

This is the story of some of us vs. the rest of us.


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