Self Improvement Poetry posted July 4, 2022

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Sam Adam's secret super power

Sam Adams Speaks to the Animals

by jake cosmos aller

Sam Adams one day
Went for a walk in the park
He fell down
Hit his head
Had a concussion.

Woke up
With an unusual power
He could talk with animals
Like the famous Dr. Doolittle.

He was found by a dog
Who leaned over him

"Say Mister are you okay?
You had a bad fall
Better go to the hospital."

Sam looked at the dog
And knew that the dog knew
That he understood him.

He said to the dog,

"I am fine but will go
To the hospital
Where is it?"

The dog said.

"Over there
I will take you there
My friend."

And off they went
The dog chatting
With the birds
And squirrels
Saying to all,

"Hey listen up
This man understands us
He can talk with us
He had a fall
But he will be okay."

A hundred animals
Followed him
To the clinic's ER
Stood outside
Waiting for the good news.

He came out
The dog waiting for him
And they went down the street
Chatting like the good friends
They had become.

Super Power writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a super power you wish you had. You can only pick one super power and if should be something completely out of the realm of possibility.

always liked the Dr. Doolittle stories and poems. would love that to be my secret super power.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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