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An Ode to Humpwhistle

by Terry Broxson

In Conclusion Contest Winner 

Okay, I do know this is not an ode! I am not a good enough poet to write one that would do justice to Mr. Humpwhistle. I did look up the definition of an ode. I found two that I think apply.

The first definition referred to Greek times celebrating sports victories. So, let's substitute writing for sports.

The second that applies is that odes are written in praise of excellence.  

With those definitions in mind, let me state for the record that this old guy's opinion is that Mr. Humpwhistle is simply the best writer on-site! I will go further out on the limb and say, "I am not the only one to think that."

I must say I am embarrassed about my writing when I compare it to his. I am not trying to offend you. I am also sorry for you when your writing is compared to Mr. Humpwhistle, and you are a really good writer. I know because I have reviewed your stuff.

There is an exception for the poets. Mr. Humpwhistle does not write very many poems. So, for the moment, RG, Roy, Debi, Dolly, Miss Merri, Shelly, Karenina, Robin, Lilly, Nomi, Helen, Paul, Wendy, and a bunch of others I am forgetting, but you know who you are. You all are safe and exempt. 

Mr. Humpwhistle does not write a lot of reviews. If you are lucky enough to get a review from him (and I have), you need to pay attention to what he offers. His reviews offer another insight. He signs them, Lee.

I know one member has asked, "Why does a professional like Mr. Humpwhistle write on this site?"  Her question got me thinking. Lee...a professional...Umm, I got it. He is Lee Child; the creator of the Jack Reacher books. 

This makes a lot of sense to me. What are the similarities of the writing? I want to name only a few: great characters, snappy dialogue, interesting settings, conflicts, and believable resolutions. Oh yes, they are both great fun to read!

So, Mr. Humpwhistle = Lee Child!

I should note that Mr. Humpwhistle wrote an extraordinary memoir about his time in a music group, "The Not Exactlys." It is a great read. However, I found no mention of the music group in Mr. Childs's official biography. It is probably an oversight.

In conclusion, I offer these observations:

First, If you find yourself in a contest with him, coming in second is still excellent, but it pays less. 

Second, Mr. Humpwhistle is a wonderful writer! If you review his work, make sure you are not out of sixes! If you have not read his work, please do.

Third, maybe one of the poets should create a contest. "Ode to Humpwhistle." But don't let him enter it! 


In Conclusion
Contest Winner


Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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