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Standing Her Ground

by Donna G. (aka Sam Duck)

“My God, Althea, why would you even think of such a thing?”

“Momma, he loves me.  And I love him. Why shouldn’t we get married?”

“I’ll tell you why, young lady.  He’s older than you.  He doesn’t have a job.  And he’s not even Christian!  I thought you said you were just friends – and I wasn’t even sure you should be friends with him!”

“He’s a good man, Momma.  He treats me right, always the gentleman.  And Momma, he acts like I’m someone special.  Like he’s lucky to have me.  Like I’m pretty and sexy and special.  I’ve never had a guy look twice at me before.  They always want the slim girls, the outgoing girls, the fun girls – and let’s face it, I am not any of those things.  But Billy always makes me feel like I am all of those things!”

“Well, if you’d lose some weight and put yourself out there, you could be pretty and fun like the other girls!  I’ve always told you you’d be pretty if you only would lose a few pounds.  And you don’t have to act like you’re so smart in front of boys, Althea.  Boys like to know that they are smarter and stronger than their dates.  Just act silly and not so bright sometimes – ask them questions and pretend you depend on them for the answers because they wear the pants in the relationship.  It might take a little work, but there’s no reason you can’t get a man who can look after you!”

“You have no idea how much what you just said hurts me, do you?  No wonder I don’t have any self-confidence.  No, I am going to marry Billy.  He doesn’t have a job right now, but he’s looking for one.  And I can be the one to work, I’m smart and qualified.  Why does it have to be him with the job?  And how are people supposed to become Christian if we don’t love them as they are first?  He’s said he will come to church with me, so he’s willing to listen!”

“I’m still your mother, Althea, and I will not have you marrying that man!”

“I guess that’s your prerogative, Momma, but I am 18, and I can legally make the decision on my own.  I’ve never stood up to you before, but I’m going to do this.  With or without your approval.  Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if it was with your approval?”

“You have no idea how hard of a life you are making for yourself, daughter.  I will be saying ‘I told you so’ by six months after the wedding.”

“And you have no idea how hard of a life I have had up to this point, mother.  I am never good enough, never pretty enough, never quite enough of anything – and too much of an individual to please you.  I am marrying a man who will give me approval, respect, and unconditional love.  Maybe if I had been given those things growing up, I wouldn’t have needed to look for them elsewhere.  That’s it.  I’m done.”


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