General Poetry posted June 22, 2022

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No sense nonsense

No Sense

by the13thpoet

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
It makes no sense why people hate
That's no way to make America great
Let peace and unity be our fate with no debate

It makes no sense the red and the blue
Fighting each other instead of working for you
Let peace and unity see us through

It makes no sense in picking sides
It only helps to widen this great divide
Let peace and unity be our guide

It makes no sense to be at each other's throats
Or challenging the integrity of our election votes
Let peace and unity be our hope.

It makes no sense believing alternate facts
What kind of stupid shit is that?
Let peace and unity get us back on track

It makes no sense things are worse than before
This country is heading toward a civil war
Let peace and unity be what we strive for

It makes no sense that we live like this
This country and our countrymen are our greatest gift
Let peace and unity be our only wish

It makes no sense how did we get here?
Constant gas lighting and stoking fear
Let peace and unity make things clear

Make a statement writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Make a Statement about something you feel strongly about, is important to you or just something you have to say. Must follow a certain line structure

Write a poem with 3 lines in every stanza. The 3rd line should be almost the same in each stanza, except with a few different words to make it Rhyme with ending of other two words at the end of each line. Each stanza should have a different rhyme at end of line

No more than 24 lines or 8 stanzas

Why do people run around and soon run out of time?
They don't accomplish anything, so it should be a crime
They maybe would do better without tequila and the lime

Some just keep on looking for something to do
They always have a lot to say, but never have a clue
They maybe would do better if they went back to school

Just tired of all the political nonsense it simply makes no sense.
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