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Engagement Ring of a Lifetime

by Raul1

Beth was remembering the proudest joy in her life. She was married to Paul Bronco in 1966. She invited her family and all her friends to her wedding. It was expensive, but both saved enough money to pay and arrange for it. Paul was waiting by the altar. It was time for the bride to appear. She didn't disappoint. The entrance doors opened. The flower girls walked in first and threw rose petals on the red carpet. Beth appeared, as the bride, and walked each step closer towards Paul. He was happy and smiled. Beth's and Paul's families were present and seated.

She remembered that distant memory, but now it is 2010. It was forty-four years ago. They were in their twenties when they married. They are now in their 60s. Underneath her bed, she found her engagement ring. That ring made a tremendous impact that she is Paul's wife. She hasn't seen it for a long time.

"I finally found my treasure," Beth whispered.

She couldn't have said anymore; Beth took a joyful sigh of relief. But it is now a distant memory she kept forever. Beth was in her master bedroom. Paul came into the room and saw her blushing at him. He made it easy for her to calm down by telling her to relax. She was happy.

"You have found it. Our engagement rings before our wedding in 1966," Paul whispered to her. The rings made an impact on each other's love. They grew old together.

"Paul, you remember that we were nervous about getting married," Beth replied.

"You're right, and I remembered that you said 'Yes' to me. Our parents were proud, and now our children are full grown," Paul said.

"I wish I could time travel into that moment," she told him.

"We were already there," He replied.

He mentioned that they are forever together in matrimony. Beth knew that he would say it. The couple reminisced about how the wedding and engagement ring still fits on her finger from 1966.

Beth has found the engagement ring, which took her back in time. She remembered the last moment when she told him Yes. Paul has found the proper lady for him. Beth wasn't ever any trouble for Paul but a sweet woman. The engagement ring has made a tremendous impact on her. Her eyes cried with tears of pure joy. She won't ever forget it.

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