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Nothing is too scary if you really want a selfie

A ghost selfie

by JoannaN

Spirits are Everywhere Contest Winner 

The graveyard was empty. Only a murder of crows was there, picking at something on the ground. I wrapped myself in my shawl. The air was cold, crispy.

My sister cast a glance behind her shoulder. “Do we really want to be here?” she asked in a small voice.

Ronella snorted derisively.  “You are scared,” she commented, grinning. “Is there anything you are afraid of?” Ronella flicked her black hair and straightened herself up to her full height.

I sighed in exasperation. Ronella, our neighbour, was one of the most popular girls in this town, a true Queen Bee. You either hated her or loved her. “Well,” I said, crossing my arms. “There is. There are plenty of ghosts in this graveyard.”

Ronella glared at me. “This is why you are here, idiot. You need to help me. Someone must help me.” She grinned. “I need a selfie with a ghost.”

My sister and I exchanged amused glances. “OK,” I muttered.

“So.” Ronella clapped her hands and sent us her most dazzling smile. “Let’s go and find some ghosts, shall we?”

We spent the next hour walking across the graveyard, looking for anything that could resemble a ghost. I hid my hands in my pockets, cursing herself for my own stupidity. It was getting colder and colder.

Suddenly, a shriek tore the air. “I’ve got him.” Ronella jumped in her place. “There.” She pointed at something in the distance and ran away.

We found her a moment later. She was not alone. A creature in a white cloak was standing there, by one of the graves. Ronella squealed in delight and charged at the thing, armed with her selfie stick. “One selfie,” she begged.

The creature did not move. Ronella took a pose on its side and began shooting selfies, one after another. A shoot from the front. A shoot from above. An angle shoot.

It was getting dark, so I reached for my flashlight and turned it on. In the light, the creature suddenly turned into a man, a middle-aged, thin man in a white cloak. He was a bit confused, and definitely alive.

My sister and I glanced at each other. I pressed a finger to my lips. There was no point in spoiling Ronella’s moment of glory.



Writing Prompt
Word Count ~ 350-400
Story must include You (as the author) and One real-life sister who visited a real site where supernatural spirits have been reported.
Keep it G rated (suitable for children).

Spirits are Everywhere
Contest Winner
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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