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This is an honoring of Armed Forces Day

Our Armed Forces Day 2022

by Regina Elliott

They came from their homes from the
shimmering silver skyline of Manhattan, and Upstate New York,
from bread basket MidWest farms,
from out West, Oakland, Compton,
the Southeast, Southwest, New England states, stepping forth.
What stirred so many young adults
when they woke up one morning?
Their waking state and dreams were
of being, of belonging, in our Armed
Forces. They left behind their civilian
lives, and some, their loves too.
Sign on the line, youthful men and
women, serve the U.S., and if from an
ally country, serve your own and stand
with the U.S. My two nephews, my niece, heard
the inner rhythmic song-beat of our
country beckoning. My late husband,
my father, my older brother, and my
son-in-law's grandfather signed on
the line too. They held up their hands
to swear the oath of their life.
Measuring bravery starts with the
courage to walk into the recruiters
office. Boot camp, a whirl, a blur,
don't forget to address your company
commander with respect, even if
he/she is screaming in your face.
The physical rigors, and the psychological stress can bear down
on you. Don't give up, do your best to
cruise through. People of America,
our soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen,
are of a brethren like no other. They
become brothers and sisters. During
deployments, my family members
were separated from loved ones,
their children too. Our Armed Forces
should be treated with more care.
Uncle Sam, step up when they need
you. Don't delay and deny.
My father served in the Korean War,
my older brother, was in the Navy,
served on nuclear submarines.
My two nephews served in Iraq.
My niece in cyber security. My late
husband, was in for 8 years, served
honorably. My son-in-law's grandfather
was a youth in the Navy during WW2,
and earned the Navy Cross.
So, keep in mind, this Armed Forces
Day of 2022, they're the first to sign
up. Without them, harm's way would
keep crossing over our shores.
No matter what age you are, always
remember American and Allied Armed
Forces took the higher road fraught
with hardship and sacrifice to wear
the beauty of the uniform. ~

Armed Forces Day 2022 writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Word Count: 350-400. This isn't Memorial Day or Veterans Day, yet it honors those in service in all branches of the military in many countries besides the USA. Write a story that involves you and your family. Please post writing with a content rating G (suitable for children).

I salute our American and
Allies Armed Forces. ~
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