General Poetry posted April 28, 2022

This work has reached the exceptional level
a poem about the life cycle due to the Atlantic slave trade


by Gregster - PoeticColors

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
Slavery hit the big bang theory out of the light
Ships and cargo miles to the west out in the night
Collective men into the lab up north without a fight
Years of complex coding biological pollution smiting the knight
Battle of the fatality weapons of destruction and mind-controlling the might
Into the fields, testing picking crops Stockholm syndrome convinces the bright
World wars civil act drastic changes in black and white
Racism Segregation Lynching Sexual corrupting the child with the birthright
Living in the north schooled by the enemy using the forceful name of Dwight
Into the darkness reality blooms the evolution of the demonic playwright

Longevity immoral immortality power-driven banged up malediction
The man weaken the woman exposed the children by watching with great calculation
Melanin downmixing routine bygones be bygones 21st-century ammunition
Rainbow rising technology playing godly games organ fusion repetition
Feminist act independence gain hardly working dancing at the pole of fornication
Gangs vs fangs, vampires in the alley blood-sucking masculine notions of education
Nurturing songs to the hearts of toddlers raped by the industry, Hollywood graduation
Party to the end, melodies of lies erotic woman on cocaine loving the manifestation
Manly harlots' genders trending firecrackers sparked volcanic temptation
Woman on top breadwinning open relationship of full seduction

The man and the child the priest forgiving the Vatican all clever
Worlds together one religion and government new world order
Change for the better; we are all one energy; truth in the lies, we suffer
Pain spiritual cranium split anal entrance evil man in the gutter
The monster under my bed flower popped scissoring sensation all is better
Fathered by lust mothered by deception, live long forever
The woman is the man as the man is the woman confused about the gender
The more the merrier, the sexy prostitute, Jezebel's hot jungle fever
Sons and daughters of slaves, we the debtor into the sexual adventure
Mature ebony young ruthless making money on the camera, the world the watcher

The woman online dating looking for that long term oh how so lucky
Single mother-father, in the corner police gang, bang brains out dead in brutality
All clubs and pups with cubs crawling casually open friends for eternity
Sports played smacked in the ass in the showers all in forgery
Behaving like a lady, makeup dressed in black, and called himself lovely
Work like a man, father, and a mother two jobs she is pimping entirely
Pope kissing them; mother fainting; church dying into child pornography
The world is upside down the right is wrong the bad is good we all sinning conveniently
He is coming, the beast awakens out of the sea you see the plea in me
Dead in sin; hell blazing, the warning asleep in flames, the tears of blasphemy

The storyteller of the movie; captures the message
The subliminal idea of real imagination; the montage of a presage
Timely set bomb of the decade nuclear luggage
Stomached the baggage of life the prophet dead from poisonous roughage
Enchained in shame of sin upon sin dead without knowledge we wore the devil's selvage
The history of a people that managed poverty pulled by a defected wagon in the passage
Down all rounds jabs to the head; dangerous vulture, we took full damage
Deuteronomy twenty-eight cursed by the Almighty crying by the river for a broken marriage
Ignoring wisdom chewing on gum like we don't care staring at her cleavage
Book of proverbs the Torah we burn for we were the head sent for a privilege
Our inheritance of our Creator to another exodus red sea divided your plan our scrimmage

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