Humor Poetry posted April 23, 2022

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Wouldn't it be funny if...?

by pome lover

Wouldn’t it be funny if one morning your dog said,
“Get up, Lazy! Let’s go for a walk?”
WOW, you said, “How cool is that! I’m ready, boy, let’s go!
I always knew that animals could talk.”
Wouldn’t it be funny if, along the way you met
A greyhound wearing Nike tennis shoes.
But the boy with the leash had no shoes upon his feet;
You said, “Dog, you’re wearing his!” The dog said, “Whose?”
Wouldn’t it be funny if Blue Crayon said, “I’m Red,
And I dare anyone to say I’m not.”
Naturally, Red Crayon said, “Well, let’s just see how you
Color people’s faces when they’re hot.”
Wouldn’t it be funny if a hippopotamus
Opened her gigantic mouth so wide
That a sleepy baby monkey that could hardly stay awake
Crawled right in and took a nap, inside.

Wouldn’t it be funny if one day, your teacher said,
“I have a choice of fieldtrips to suggest;
A visit to the water plant or to the city zoo.
You picked, the zoo? I never would have guessed.”
                                  ~ ~ ~
Speaking of things funny, what if now, it was your turn?
What would be a funny thing to you?
What about a shower head that whistled country songs,
Or your uncle Harold wearing a tutu?

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