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Two sisters greet the arrival of a new sibling.

Best Big Sister

by K. Lang-Slattery

Una and I couldn't have been more different.

Una, at fourteen, was more interested in her horse than finding a boyfriend. I, though only nine, was already looking at boys as potential fathers for my family of dolls.

We also viewed the impending birth of a sibling quite differently. Una wished for a brother, while I hoped for a little sister to share my girlish interests.

Though it's odd to think of such things today, we were forbidden to talk about our mother's pregnancy outside the family. In the 1950s, pregnancy was considered a private matter, at least to conservative ladies like our mother. So, on the last day of school, when I asked permission to share the anticipated event, I was thrilled when she shrugged and said OK.

During morning "Show and Tell," I waved my hand wildly. Though normally shy, I was thrilled when the teacher called on me to share.

"My mother is going to have a baby really soon," I announced. "I hope it's a girl!"

When I returned home, my mother wasn't there. My father was though, which was unusual. "Your mother is in the hospital," he told Una and I. "She's having the baby."

"Ahhhh!" I moaned. "I could have told my class she was having it today! That would have been a much better story."

Una scowled at me. "Quit whining," she said, then asked my father, "Is Mother ok?'

"I'm just waiting for a phone call from the doctor. Your grandma will be here soon and then I'll go back."

Suddenly the phone rang and my father grabbed the receiver. Una and I held our breath as he listened, spoke a few words, and hung up. "You have a new baby sister," he said.

Suddenly Una turned to me, her look of disappointment tinged with anger. "You spoiled brat!" she yelled. Her fist swung out and she landed a hard punch on my arm. "You always get your way. Now I have to suffer with two teeny, tiny, whiny little sisters." A second sock in the arm followed.

But, I didn't mind. I had a baby sister. I vowed, then and there, I would be the kind of sister I wanted for myself. I would love her, protect her, share my dolls with her, and never hit her. I vowed I would be the best big sister ever.

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The basic story is the way I remember it. I've added dialogue and details that (I hope) will make it more interesting to read. Hitting was never allowed by my mother, but Una might have gotten away with it with only my father there. I like the idea of this writing prompt because it actually illustrates what I tried to explain in an earlier piece called "What is Faction?'
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