Humor Script posted March 28, 2022

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A discussion between two elderly gentlemen

Serious Discussion (Almost)

by Hubert Honeycotte

Fred, did you people vote yesterday?

Dan, you bet your bottom dollar.

Fred, did you vote for a mayor? Sure, bet your ass!

Fred, for whom did you vote?

Dan, none of your dam business?

Fred, did you vote for a school board member?

Dan, yes, we have grandchildren in school.

Dan:- did you vote for the time change or keep it like it is?

Fred, I don't give a dam about the time. We have someone to tell us when it is mealtime, and our nurse informs us when to take our medicine, so what else do we need to know? The TV is on all the time. We go to bed when we like and get up when we feel like it.

Fred:- the most significant thing Mary and I voted for was to stop the flow of money going from Alberta to Quebec.

Dan: why do that?

Fred, we must stop Trudeau from taking our money every month and giving it to Quebec and the other provinces. Man, this is highway robbery. Did you hear the amount of money we gave to Ottawa last year? Truckloads of it! Nothing but greed on Trudeau's part. It must stop.

Dan, who told you that stuff?

Fred, listen to premier Kenny; now there is a guy to run the country; I will vote for him again when the time comes.

Dan, you're the only one in Alberta.

Fred:- my friend's son, did I tell you that he works with the trucking company that has the contract to transport the money from Edmonton to Ottawa each month, boxes of it." I tell you." He tells his father that it takes about two hours to load and unload the truck. Can you imagine the number of dollars?

Dan, why don't they send it by airplane?

Fred, Trudeau won't allow that because he has shares in the trucking company, lots of them.

Dan, how do you know that?

Fred, look at that internet thing, dumb ass. That guy is really against the west; he is worse than his father; we really should separate, go it alone.

Fred, someone should......

The dessert arrives, and the conversation ends.

The First Milestone
This authors first post!
A Milestone Post

I overheard this story during dinner at a seniors residence shortly after a municipal election, it is a conversation between two men in the preliminary stages of dementia, so sometimes during a conversation, they find it challenging to stay on topic or have all the facts straight.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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