Spiritual Fiction posted March 6, 2022

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God's Work

by Raul1

The angel awaits God in Heaven approves the chancellor with horses on his chariot. A whirlwind of clouds came out as she met Him present. He informs her that she did an outstanding job caring for the kind souls.

For once planet Earth has an optimistic meaning and a happy one. It is in the right state of mind by the Man upstairs.

His people feel gratified for everything He gave them. The good fortune of humanity came along the way. Life is beginning to be a perfect one. Pray.

90 Word Spiritual Fiction writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
1) Write a simple spiritual fiction simply, wisely and meaningfully free of strict compliance of technicality of a fiction in 90 words only, using 6 given words in 6 sentences, expressed in at least 3 characters including God, avoiding 9 given words and without using or avoid using 9 words:

2) Write the word God 3 times in your 90 word spiritual fiction as you wish and even you can write like God of Heaven but do not write these 9 words:

3) Write your 90 word spiritual fiction without using or avoid using these 9 words or phrases:
(vii)Almighty God
(viii)Creator God
(ix)One God

4) Write no exclamatory and interrogative sentences in your 90 word spiritual fiction

5) Write no name of any known, unknown, recognised or unrecognised name of a religion

6) Write no words, messages, proverbs, hymns, or statements from any religious scriptures, religious doctrines, religious philosophy, religious works or religious books in your 90 word spiritual fiction

7) Write no words of your personal faiths, beliefs in and belonging or affiliation to any religion or religious word or religious name or religious title in your 90 word spiritual fiction

8) Write anything in your 90 word spiritual fiction considering or believing God is religion free, caste free, community free, country free, land free, family free and believing God is the Creator of this universe; God is Omniscient (God knows everything), God is Omnipotent (God is all powerful, God has universal and unlimited power, God can do everything), God is Omnipresent (God is present everywhere simultaneously)

9) Write your 90 word spiritual fiction using the following 6 words:
1.) Angel,
2.) Chancellor,
3.) Chariot,
4.) God,
5.) Heaven,
6.) Whirlwind.

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