Supernatural Non-Fiction posted March 5, 2022

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Anxiety and extreme sadness using 406 Words


by Shirley McLain

I worked as a travel nurse in Greenwood, Mississippi. That is where I learned to eat catfish with mustard, and all square ponds aren't septic ponds. Even though I'm a southern girl, in my mind, that was a learning experience for me.

About six months into my contract, my sister and I decided to do a bit of sightseeing in the Vicksburg National Military Park. I think Vicksburg was about sixty miles from Greenwood.

We got up early and began our drive, because we wanted to be there when the Park Center opened. If you ever get the chance to visit and you like history, it would be a great sight to see.

Sharon, my sister, and I went through the Park Education Center and enjoyed every second. We did an audio driving tour that explained how all the battles fought there during the Civil War were laid out. Who fought where and who won skirmishes was explained. We learned about all the monuments dedicated to fighters for the North and South. By the time we arrived at the Shirley House, I had begun to have an odd feeling.
It is the only house left standing after the battle. Around the Shirley House, you see dug-in depressions all over the property where soldiers of the south tried to protect themselves.

We finished our tour at the Shirley House and drove to the Vicksburg Confederate Cemetery. I didn't want to go inside, but something kept pulling me in that direction. The strong anxiety and dread built the longer we drove.

We pulled through the cemetery gate. I drove down a couple of gravel roads between the graves. The dread got heavier. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I stopped and got out of my truck.

I walked down the last row of stones, and I was crying hard by this time. Sharon kept asking me what was wrong. I couldn't explain to her what I was feeling. She tried to talk to me, but I didn't hear her. All I saw was the stone, and nothing else mattered at that moment.

The tombstone read Lieutenant Patrick A Coker, CSA, born July 3, 1840, died April 22, 1862. With every fiber of my being, I felt my heart was broken, and I knew I was his wife.

I will never understand why this happened to me, but I never forgot being the wife of a Confederate Lieutenant.

Supernatural True Story writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Word count 350 minimum-420 maximum
TRUE Story of You and a Sibling(s) visiting a home, outside tourist attraction, or building (no jails or cemeteries) with reports of human spirits/ghosts
No vulgar words, profanity,
or sex/sexual terms/sexual innuendos implied or hinted at in dialogue/scenes
No satire


This is a 20 minute film which I watched at Vicksburg. Explains a lot.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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