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My Sister's Ghost

by Carolyn Dooley

In late September 1986, I took a trip to Alabama. After visiting my parents, I went over to
see my sister. She is a few years younger than I. After a few hours of conversation, instead
of returning to my parents. I chose to stay at hers. She was working as a bartender at the
time, and her hours were from 9 p.m. Until 2 a.M. She lived in a large house. I was lying in
bed on my right side, with my legs crossed. A man emerged from the laundry room and
proceeded to walk through the bedroom, his head bowed, and his gaze fixed on the floor.

He had shoulder-length black hair and was dressed in dirty denim jeans and a ragged
flannel blue and white shirt. He was walking by at a slow pace. He was wearing a pair of
boots. He was so quiet, I never heard him coming from the back room. The bedroom was
dark and quiet, you could hear a pin fall. And he didn't even bother to look up. And he
didn't say anything, as he walked through the bedroom, not even,
"excuse me, or hello"."

I remained silent, I assumed it was my sister's boyfriend. I thought he had parked in the
back yard. I got up from the bed to see where he was heading. I had the distinct
impression it was a ghost. He appeared to be a regular person. This was something I
did not share with my sister. She would have thought I was insane.

In 1992, it was summer, my husband and I were on a vacation in Birmingham.
My sister and I were chatting on her front porch when I inquired whether she had ever
witnessed a ghost in her home. She said,
"Yes, I have a ghost who is a man."
"From the way you describe him, it sounds like you have seen him," she remarked?

"I thought your boyfriend had parked his car out back, or misplaced his keys to the front
door, and entered through the back door." I explained.
"It was nailed shut when I moved in; the back door and windows." She exclaimed.
"Furthermore, the clothes you described were strewn across the floor when I first walked
through the door, looking at this house." She replied.
"Yes, I have a male ghost, and have you failed to notice the bullet hole in the main kitchen,
in front of the stove?" She asked?

Then she explained,
"He shot himself, in front of the stove. He was a police officer, she explained.
"Are you not afraid of him?" I asked?
She responded, "He does not bother me."

Supernatural True Story writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Word count 450 minimum-550 maximum
TRUE Story of You and a Sibling visiting a home or building (no jails or cemeteries) with reports of human spirits/ghosts
No vulgar words, profanity,
or sex/sexual terms/ sexual innuendos implied or hinted at in dialogue/scenes
No satire

It took six-years to pass, until I got the nerve to ask my sister if she had a ghost.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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