General Poetry posted February 21, 2022

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A free form poem

The Blank Page

by VJWild

The cursor blinks.

And winks.

Does it know my secret?

It wants my attention.

I stare at it, but it doesn't move.

It just blinks.

It makes me anxious.



It wants something.



Bits and bytes.

I want to feed it, but what?

It's hungry.

It's impatient.

But I have mind block.

Writer's block.

A few minutes (hours?) later I'm still staring at
a blank page.

A black computer screen.

And a blinking cursor.




It wants me to know it's there.

It wants me to see it.

It wants me to set it free.




Will it blink forever?

How many times has it blinked (blunk?) in its existence already?

I'll never know.

I wonder if it is synchronized (synced? sunk?) with my own heartbeat.

I check my pulse for exactly one minute.

88 beats.

I count the cursor for exactly one minute.

88 beats.

A coincidence?

I don't believe in those.

But I do believe that a blank page (screen?) can be a scary thing.

And it seems I've overcome this blank page (screen?) syndrome.

At least for today.


Free Form Poetry Contest contest entry

This is a very edited version of something I wrote when I was working a midnight shift a few years ago. I was so tired that I was just staring at my screen. The records management system we used was one of those old DOS systems, so the screen was black and green with white block letters and a big blinky cursor (very much like how it looks above.) It was like the cursor was taunting me. So I wrote about it, mainly just to stay awake. Enjoy! (P.S. I couldn't find any artwork that was appropriate...)
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