Spiritual Non-Fiction posted February 15, 2022

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I was blessed

Angel on the Backroad

by Shirley McLain

In May 1979, I experienced a lifesaving visit from one of God’s angels. I never saw it, but every fiber of my being knew it was there. Let me start from the beginning of my story.
I was in nursing school, getting ready to graduate and take my boards to become an ADN (Associate Degree RN) and being a single parent with two small children. I was a busy lady. I worked part-time 12-hour shifts on the weekends, at a nursing home as a medication technician, and went to school full time. Full time means doing clinical at the local hospital two days a week and classroom work the other three days.

On this bright sunny day in May, I placed the kids on the school bus and headed to Eastern Oklahoma State College to begin my class day. When the school day finished, I was running behind going home to the kids. I decided to take the back road over Wilburton Mountain and by Eufaula Lake.

The road over the mountain can hold two cars, but it is better if you’re not meeting a lot of traffic if you want to speed. I must admit I was driving faster than usual to get home to my kids. They would get off the bus, and their mother wouldn’t be there.

I had good kids, but parental supervision with my two was imperative. What mischief my son didn’t think of to get into, my daughter certainly did.

Speeding on the back road by Lake Eufaula was easy. It was a straight stretch, with a county road intersecting every mile or so.

I had my radio volume cranked, and I enjoyed my drive. I noticed a stop sign on my right, ten car lengths in front of me. Then a car pulled out and stopped crosswise in the road and came to a stop. I felt the panic build in me, because I knew I couldn’t stop. I would broadside the car, which had three people occupying it.

I heard a firm male voice tell me to turn the car now. For some reason, I didn’t hesitate. I saw a concrete abutment on my right and a vertical wall of dirt and grass. I closed my eyes and said, “Oh God,” and turned the wheel to the far right. I had no idea what would happen.

I knew I would either hit the dirt wall or the concrete. I felt numerous bumps, and I could feel I was headed downhill. The car kept going, and when I could finally open my eyes, I was sitting on the road looking at the stop sign the other car had pulled out from. That car was sitting in the same spot it was.

I couldn’t move. The next thing I heard is someone pounding on my window, asking me if I’m all right. I have never doubted that God and the angels were with me that day. What a blessing I received.


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