Spiritual Fiction posted January 20, 2022

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Sitting on the front porch under the stars

A Evening Chat with Grams

by Begin Again

"The stars sure are bright tonight, Gram. Can ya imagine how much electricity we'd save if people just sat on their porches instead of inside?"
"Yur right there, child, but it takes a special soul to appreciate what the Lord has shared with us. Most kinfolks be worrin' more about money and things than the blessins they have."
Six-year-old Amy gazed at the sky. "It's so beautiful, dark blue with twinklin' diamonds everywhere. With that many diamonds, Heaven must be rich. Last Sunday, Pastor John said the roads are paved with gold. Can you imagin' that, Gram?"
"It sounds beautiful, child, but Heaven's so much more. Imagine one of those candy jars at Miss Hannah's store, the one she's always letting you find your favorite sweet inside. Well, the Lord has the biggest candy jar you'll ever see, and it's overflowin' with every imaginable sweet soul you'll ever imagin'. There's nothin' sour or tart in Heaven, only love and happiness. People be singin' and dancin' and praisin' the Lord, not carin' about money or jewels."
"Oh, Gram, I wanna see. Can we visit there? I could tell 'bout it in Miss James' show and tell class."
"Nah, ya just have to believe it's there, child. The Good Lord has made a beautiful place for all of us."
"Even the sinners? I heard Uncle Joe say he hoped Paulie McDay burned in hell for smashing his prize pumpkin. I know it was a bad thing to do, but geez, Grams, settin' a kid on fire for a pumpkin seems mighty mean."
"Don't you fret, child. I bet Pastor John will have a talkin' to Paulie and remind the lad the Lord forgives us if we open our hearts and believe. We just have to pray and ask him. Since Adam and Eve—"
"Oh, I know—I know, the story with the apple and the creepy snake. I thought for sure they were goners."
"Yup, but the Lord understood, and he forgave them. The same way he'll forgive young Paulie."
"Oh, look, Gram. The star is fallin'. Did someone get kicked out of Heaven?"
"I don't believe so, Amy. I like to think of them as shootin' stars with a mission. An angel returnin' to carry someone home."
"That sure sounds wonderful. Do you think Papa will come get you when it's time? Maybe I could say hi and tell him how much I miss him." Any spun around to look wide-eyed at her grandmother. "Not any time soon, though. We still got a lot of talkin' to do. Ain't that right?"
Her grandmother beamed at the little girl. "I reckon when the good Lord's ready, there'll be lots of family awaitin' on me, but I hope your grandpa is the first one I see."
"I can't imagine you not sittin' out here with me, Grams. It just won't seem right." Amy scowled and stared at the porch floor.
"Now, don't be frettin'. I promise I'll be right by yur side, listenin' to every word ya say, and Papa will be listenin' too. We'll both be watchin' over ya. It's the Lord's way, child. He wouldn't ever leave you alone." A drop of water glistened in the corner of Grandma's eye. "Reckon its time for us to call it a night. These old bones are achin' and I got a few prayers to be said."
Amy stood and took her grandmother's hand. "I love you, Grams." Then turned her head toward the sky. "Love you too, Papa, and all the other angels watching over Grams and me tonight."
As they entered the house, they both stopped, looked toward Heaven, and whispered, "Good night, Lord."


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