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A Few Words from above.

My Words

by Ricky1024

"My Words 2022"
(From a Dream)
Written on January 20th, 2022
By Doctor Ricky 1024
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'All Rights Reserved'

Written by God...
Hanging from an Overpass...
High Above...
Draped in the Glow...
Of Early Morning Sunshine...
Yes, For All to See!
"My Words!"
To You!
From Me!
From the Eternal Father.
My Thoughts from Above.
Written with All My Love.
I Created Thee.
In My Image.
For All to See.
To Honor and Respect Thee.
As Thee Now.
Shall Honor and Respect Me.
In Temple, Mosque, Church, of Bless.
From The Seas to Shining Seas.
In Only My Image
For All to See!
Serve and Protect!
Love and Respect!
Be All that Thee Can Be!
For I Created Thee!

"The Latter-Day Saint Temple"
Written on January 22nd, 2022
By Doctor Ricky 1024

"In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried to my God; and he did hear my voice out of his Temple and, My Cry did enter into his ears"
(-2 Samuel 22:7)
There's a celebration and a birthing party going on at the Washington D.C.Temple.
9900 Stony Brook Drive
Kensington, Maryland.
United States.
Yes, all is welcome.
April 25th till June 4th.
It is open to the general public but this is no ordinary celebration?
"Temple Worthy"
Written on January 22nd, 2022
By Doctor Ricky 1024

Come Seal with me and be all that you can be!
Yes, be all that you can ever be!
There is an Incredible place to go and pray.
Yes, for Temple-Building Latter-day Saints and for Temple-Loving people!
The Sacred Ceremonies, not only lift and inspire but can give you Eternal Bliss in the Afterlife!
The Temple is a Sacred space of Mormon faith.
And, the the first LDS Temple?
Yes, was built and dedicated on
March 21st, 1836 in Kirkland Ohio.
The Edifice is used for meetings and instruction.
And also, with the many Ordinances performed by the Temple patrons.
The World's largest Mormon Temple stands 210 ft.
This Salt Lake Temple with granite edifice was designed in neo Gothic style.
This building took nearly 40 years to build from 1853 to 1890.
And, an estimated Three to Five million people flock to Temple Square each year.
With more visitors than all five State National Parks combined!
The Family History library there is the largest Genealogical library in the World.
Containing original documents from the United States, Canada, the British Isles, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
Note: The Base Building marks the spot founder Brigham Young dedicated to be the center of the city, an acoustic and architectural Wonder!
While the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?
Yes, holds hour long choir rehearsals.
(on Thursday evenings)
Which is open to the general public.
And, as you listen to the pipe music?
Yes, it will make you hungry!
And, Temple Square has food!
So, dine at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!
From the Southern to the Northern Visitors Center.
Yes, learn about the beliefs of The Latter-Day Saint Church and also?
"The Life of Christ"
And, there is a rebirth of the House of Christ!
Yes, from the Salt Lake Temple to the very last Temple created.
The Kyiv Temple Ukraine, Russia.
Plans for the construction of four new Latter-Day Saint Temples are under way.
Boise, Idaho; Denver, Colorado;
Guayaquil, Ecuador; and Taipei, Taiwan.
Note:There are 170 dedicated Temples.
(161 currently operating)
Nine previously dedicated but closed for renovations.
45 under construction and 50 announced bringing a total of 265 Temples to celebrate.
"The Life of Christ"
Written on January 22nd, 2022
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copyright © Fanstory
'All Rights Reserved'

From the very beginning with the Immaculate Conception in the manger to today?
"Jesus the Christ!'
Yes is the way!
So, come gather at the altar and testify?
That Jesus the Christ saved your Life!
Yes, when you were so down and out that you wanted nothing to do but die!
"Jesus the Christ!"
From Mary to Joseph and Heavenly Father above?
Come everyone and share all that He stands for and Loves!
Bring forth Oh Holy Saints and together?
Each and every Sabbath Sunday?
Let's celebrate!
God restored Jesus on the third day.
Only after His Crucification!
A Bitter Pill!
(I must now say)
Reborn from the Dead!
Ushering in "The Kingdom of God!"
It is now our job!
Let us all never forget and always remember why?
Yes, why He died on that day?
Approximate Word Count: 780.

Note: In My dream this night.
Yes, I saw a vision.
It was dangling from the side of an overpass.
As if on a large tapestry.
It could not be seen in the beginning completely.
It was from a distance quite far away.
As the sun started breaking.
The words were becoming visual and clear.
As the tapestry was unfurling.
I believe these were the words that were here!
I do know that I have suffered so, but been blessed.
I've been told this before by strangers, as they to shared their distress.
I've also been told this by a man. (Name Withhold)
Whom stated that he was in touch with millions of Christians.
Whom was watching my words on my Yahoo site.
Yes, many years ago.
Note: At this point in my writing career.
I stopped thinking that my gifts that were given to me.
And, if I gained monetarily?
Yes, from them?
I would be pick pocketing our Lord and Savior's wallet!
Jesus the Christ.
So, He told me in return.
Yes, that people need to read what I have been presenting.
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Talented Artist and Amazing Writer, 'cleo85'
And Cleo's Incredible Picture Entitled, "Writing in the Sky"
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